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One of the qualities you develop, almost inadvertently is the ability to be incredibly creative! By nature I am not particularly creative, yet as I diet for longer I come up with more and more weird and wonderful ways to make meals taste different. Once I remember watching ‘Ready Steady Cook’ and one of the chef’s was given a bag of potatoes by the contestant as his ingredients that was it!!!! This is exactly how you can feel on a diet, so this is why it is so important to learn how to add some flavour! Below are some things you can add to various dishes.

Foods like peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes are fantastic because they are absolutely bustling with flavour, yet they don’t contain many calories at all, and the ones they do are not detrimental to your goals. Recently I have started having what I call a ‘vegetable stir fry’ with most of my meals, which basically consists of the foods above chopped up and fried with 1 cal extra virgin olive oil spray! Words cannot describe the difference the flavours and textures make to an otherwise pretty bland meal.

With my beef meals I will often switch it up and have lean minced beef opposed to steak. Whilst I love my steaks, I find I can be a lot more creative and adventurous with lean minced beef. For example, I sometimes add an egg with my mince and mix it all up with my hands. Then I shape it into meatballs, and accompany the meatballs with my ‘famous’ vegetable stir fry! You can also make burgers with mince, and you can add things like chilli powder in to give it an extra kick if that’s your kind of thing! Right away you can see several different options, and that is without even trying to think of new ones.

During breakfast it is OK to have some sugars from fruits because you need that insulin spike to get you anabolic and in a fat burning state! Therefore I often take full advantage of this and add a huge array of fruits to my oat and egg white pancakes. Some days I will have chopped strawberries, raspberries blueberries, raisins and even pineapple. By doing this I am getting a fine source of digestive enzymes in, as well as antioxidants and above all else the taste is one hundred times better! Often people will complain of their food tasting dry. Well by adding some nice fresh fruit you can add plenty of moisture to your meal.

As you may have heard me go on about before, I love my junk food! Chocolate is a huge guilt pleasure of mine when I am allowed it. However, in my quest to quash my relentless cravings I have found by adding low sugar coco powder and chocolate protein powder to certain things, I get a healthy dessert. I have made protein pancakes, protein flapjacks, protein muffins, protein brownies and the list goes on. So when I open the fridge door to reach for the milk to make a cuppa, that instant desire for a sweet with it comes, and I can satisfy that craving with one of these delicious desserts!

There are just a few suggestions of mine to really improve the taste of your diet. By making a little more effort you will find you enjoy your food so much more! Hey, I can even claim to be a GOOD cook now, maybe one day I will get a ‘’Monster Cook Show going’’!!!!

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