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One of the most overlooked forms of treating muscle soreness is a top quality massage! Massage therapy has been around for many thousands of years and is perhaps the most effective way of healing muscle soreness, injuries and also accelerating the rate of recovery in the muscle tissue. This article aims to outline the benefits of a good massage and why you should consider having one done on the regular.

So to begin with how can having massage therapy regularly increase the rate at which you heal? Well what a massage does is instantly increase the blood flow into your muscle tissue, thus increasing the amount of nutrients available to your muscle cells to assimilate. As a result the muscle tissue is able to recover an awful lot quicker. Working on the same principles of increased blood flow, consistently having massage therapy can indeed improve your muscle tone and the rate at which muscular hypertrophy occurs within. Massage therapy can also improve the rate of recovery by removing the toxins which are present in your muscle tissue after intense exercise.

Stretching of the fascia is something else a good sports massage is known to help with! By focusing on specific areas of your physique each session, the therapist can help stretch your fascia. As a result you can develop new levels of muscle mass as there is additional ‘room’ to accommodate the mass!

Regular massage therapy can also significantly help increase your range of movement at the joint. This is because after doing a lot of resistance training your muscle fibers can become very tight and as a result become restrictive on your movement. By having a limited range of movement at certain joints your then unable to perform various exercises properly, which in turn means the benefit is heavily impinged upon. Therefore by relying on massage therapy as a means to increase your range of motion and loosen up your muscle fibers you can accelerate your growth once again.

Finally, another great benefit to regular massage therapy is that it can help you avoid suffering injuries. Touching again on the surface of enhanced recovery, you are able to prevent injuries from developing. This is because one, your muscle tissue is able to recover much faster, and secondly, by having regular massage therapy you’re able to catch any niggles early on and act appropriately.

With all of this being said it is obvious there are many advantages to having regular sessions at the massage therapy salon. You will benefit from increased recovery, increased growth and muscle tone as well as be far less likely to suffer from any injuries. Therefore you should certainly make massage therapy apart of your training plan and reap the rewards! Besides it feels damn great, just try not to snore if you fall asleep!

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