GABA is a brilliant supplement/ingredient which can bring about many gains to you as a bodybuilder or athlete. It is perhaps one of the most overlooked supplements on the market, due to its relatively low profile compared to the likes of protein, nitric oxide and creatine. However, now you are able to learn exactly what GABA is, what it brings to the table and why it should be on your next supplements shopping list.

GABA is an amino acid which was in fact discovered over 100 years ago. It is classed as a neuro-transmitter which immediately makes it a beneficial supplement to use. However, there is an awful lot more to GABA than meets the eye, which is why you need to learn about it.

So in a nutshell what can GABA do for you? Well as already mentioned it is a neuro-transmitter which means that it can and will improve the neural impulses across the synapses which can lead to a number of benefits. These include improved communication between the brain and muscle fibers which can lead to extra muscle growth and strength, as a result of enhanced muscle contractions.

This can also lead to an increase in anabolic hormone production which is a fantastic benefit. GABA is however noted as an excellent fat loss agent. This is because what GABA does is increase your natural production levels of Human Growth Hormone which you know by now allows the body to metabolise body fat in a very different way. Human Growth Hormone forces the body to use body fat as a key energy source which means you could potentially see a rapid decline in your body fat. An elevation in Human Growth Hormone levels will also see an increase in muscle strength and size as well as accelerated recovery. Human Growth Hormone also allows your connective tissues such as your ligaments and tendons to heal faster.

Finally, GABA is a brilliant way of improving the quality of your sleep as it promotes a healthy sleeping pattern. Not only does this mean that you will be able to grow quicker as well as recover and have more energy in the day time. It also means that your body fat will fall off even quicker, as your Human Growth Hormone levels are at their peak during a deep sleep. Therefore GABA comes ‘lock and loaded’ with effects which essentially allow for an increase in muscle mass, muscle recovery, energy levels and most notably a decline in body fat.

There then is the low-down on GABA and why you should be adding it to your arsenal of supplements. GABA is a completely natural and safe amino acid which will only bring you benefits.

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