FitMag interviews Men's Health cover model, Kirk Miller!

Yet again guys, FitMag has brought to you one of the very best physiques around today, which is owned by Kirk Miller. Some of you may have seen him on the front of October’s Men’s Health Magazine! Yes he’s that good, and that means that you can learn off him. By reading interviews with these elite athletes you should begin to see a pattern emerging, they all have real life experience and know how to get results! Kirk is no exception, in fact, he earns a living getting people into shape! So here goes!

Kirk, first of all I would really like to thank you on behalf of the MonsterSupplements family and fans for joining us today!

No problems at all mate, thank you guys for having me!

OK, so can you take us right back to the start and tell us how it was you got into training as you know it today?

Ye of course! When I was around 18-19 I played football for Coventry City and I always hopped between football and weight training. However, playing football all of the time kind of limits the muscle mass you can carry, with mobility, agility and speed being an obvious issue. Then I reached a point where I was getting irritated by the fact I couldn’t train in the gym because of niggles from playing football, and I began to miss my training more than I did miss playing football. As a result I decided to focus on my training, and give it my full attention! At the time I was also a plumber, so I really struggled to work with my knee injuries from playing football! So for the last 2 and half years or so I have really focussed on training, having gone between the gym and football for a few years.

How old are you mate?


OK so basically having decided the gym was more important you made a commitment to that! Awesome, looks like you made the right choice mate!!! Nowadays you’re a personal trainer is that right mate?

Yes that’s right!

So can you tell us what are the most common mistakes you come across with people in regards to their training?

The common problem I come across with people training in the gym is their mindset that ‘the more weight, the better’’ kind of attitude. They seem to forget the point of the exercise they are performing, and instead focus on hoisting a weight up for the sake of it. I know a lot of guys who used to train this way when they were younger, and today they struggle with injuries because they were lifting too much weight with poor form! I am a huge advocator of the ‘mind to muscle connection’ and to achieve that connection your form needs to be spot on! There needs to be a contraction in order to stimulate the muscle and a lot of people miss that point! For example, somebody will hop on the bench press and say they have to do 10 repetitions, but they don’t focus on the middle bit. They are not thinking about making each repetition work the muscle, instead they are just going in with the mindset ‘I am going to lift this weight 10 times one way or another!’

Mate I couldn’t agree with you more. I would say that for beginners in particular it is very important to get that ‘mind to muscle connection’ so that they build up that muscle memory as well!  In terms of nutrition, how important do you feel it is? Personally I feel your nutrition accounts for over 50% of your gains!

Yes I would agree mate, nutrition is so important. If you were to take two athletes who trained the same, did the same job and both had average genetics, it is common sense that the one who is eating well will gain much faster! I train with a lot of people who train hard, but their diets are poor so they don’t make so much progress! The sooner you learn the importance of nutrition the better! Everyone can train hard, its more about what you put in your body to make real changes!

Kirk I couldn’t agree more with you!!! What is your stance of carbohydrates? Obviously you are shredded and a lot of people will feel to look like you they have to be ‘carbophobs!’

For me personally, I always keep carbohydrates in my diet, even when I am dieting to really lean up! Of course my carbohydrate intake may decrease slightly if I am trying to get extra lean, but I would never drop below 130g of carbohydrates a day from food, and then another 50g of carbohydrates from my post-workout shake in the form of sugars. What I think is very important with carbohydrates is to remember to get them in from quality wholesome sources like brown pasta, brown rice, sweet potato and oats. This will help maximise your energy levels and it will also keep your metabolism running fast! To me it is common sense to eat carbohydrates through the day because without them you are surely going to be mentally drained and your intensity in the gym will also suffer! If your low on energy and your training isn’t intense, this is surely holding you back! That is my personal view on carbohydrates, and one day a week I will eat what I want. If you eat clean for 6 days of the week, I feel that it can be beneficial to let yourself indulge once a week, both physically and mentally!

Great advice there mate! Guys you heard it from one of the most shredded guys around, carbohydrates are OK even when dropping your body fat, don’t be a ‘carbophob!’ Obviously your abdominals are your showpiece, what would be your advice for others aiming to do the same?

I treat my abs like any other muscle and train them once or twice a week. You shouldn’t over train your abs which so many tend to do! Just like you would with your biceps, I train my abs to pop out and use repetition ranges of 10-12 per working set to really stimulate them! Of course, half the battle with getting really ripped is your diet and supplementation plan!

Very true mate! Obviously you are a Grenade athlete; tell us why Grenade fat burners are the best out there!

Grenade fat burners are an awesome product. I find when I am dieting and my energy levels are slightly lower than usual they really give me a good pick up so I can train harder. When I train and do my cardio I certainly sweat a lot more as well because they are such a strong thermogenic. They are certainly perfect for those of you wanting to get ripped abs!

How important are supplements would you say?

Whatever your sport I think all gym goers should use supplements. I like to keep it basic and use a quality whey protein, a whey protein isolate with dextrose after training and then I also use L-Glutamine and Creatine before and after my workouts. This just helps me recover that bit quicker and boosts my strength and endurance levels!

That is great advice; those are what I would call the foundation supplements to cover all bases!

Kirk that concludes the interview and may I say what an absolute honour and privilege it has been! I really hope our FitMag readers take on board what you have said! We will certainly catch up again in the near future mu friend! For anybody who wants to learn more about Kirk and get in touch with him, go to!!! Take care mate and thank you once again from Team Monster!

Thank you so much!

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