Endomorphs Pack on Some Lean Muscle!

One body type often uncatered for in bodybuilding publications and sites are endoomorphs. People with an endomorph type body often gain weight easily but a lot of it can be body fat and to make matters worse they struggle to lose weight. This article aims to help anyone who is an endomorph and help them gain plenty of muscle mass whilst keeping a watchful eye on their body fat gains.

As mentioned above endomorphs can gain weight on the scales rapidly but the main issue is that they are very susceptible to fat gain as well. Therefore they cannot follow a conventional mass gain plan as they will also gain excessive levels of body fat. This is particularly bad for them as endomorphs also find it very hard to shed body fat therefore getting in condition when the time comes is also very difficult. With this being said how exactly can you as an endomorph gain muscle mass and also avoid too much fat gain?

To begin with your protein count needs to be the same as any other plan, 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. This stays the same simply because without this your muscles won’t be able to grow and recover sufficiently! Per gram of protein there is 4 calories, however these calories are very nutritious and won’t convert to fat whilst you’re following a hardcore training programme, your body will be too busy assimilating it. However this is where the similarities end, your carbohydrate and fat intake need to be far less. In regards to carbohydrates you should only ingest around 1.5g of low G.I carbohydrates opposed to 2-3g per pound of body weight. This is because you’re less likely to have ‘left over’ calories which become redundant and therefore are stored as body fat. However you don’t want to ingest too little quality carbohydrates as these are what essentially keep your metabolism turning. Also, by ingesting slightly less carbohydrates your body will be forced to breakdown some of your body fat as an energy source. You do indeed some quality fats, because these in fact combat fat gain and promote fat loss. Quality fats slow the digestion of calories down therefore allows your body more time to make use of them. Furthermore, fats increase your natural testosterone levels and therefore increase anabolism and also your ability to fat burn.

Unfortunately endomorphs cannot afford to have the same amount of cheat meals as other body types such as ectomorphs even when packing on muscle mass. This is because their bodies will not use the nutrients in these high fat meals and just store the calories as body fat. So just one small cheat a week is all any endomorph should have and this shouldn’t bee too heavy either. Something like Sunday roast is ideal because whilst it is a ‘cheat meal’ it is still fairly nutritious and balanced.

Another tip I would advise is to continue doing cardio even in the off season because it will help keep your body fat levels lower. Just 20-30 minute power walks 3 times a week would be sufficient. Doing too much leaves no room for progression when it comes to getting ripped!

Hopefully endomorphs reading this have learnt something and are able to implement these protocols into their nutrition plan. Remember, everyone is different but as a rule of thumb this is what I would advise!

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