Ectomorphs, pack on some size!

It is all very well eating a ‘mass gain’ diet which has been proven to work, however, it is something else to eat according to what body type you are. Depending on what body type you are, your diet needs to be adjusted accordingly. This article is going to focus specifically on ectomorphs, which are people who are naturally very skinny. If this is you, then read on and learn some top tips on how to make mass gains like never before!

Ectomorphs notoriously find it extremely difficult to pack on muscle mass and as a result often fail to make any significant gains. This can be the case even if they train hard and follow a high protein diet with good quality carbohydrates and fats. This is often the case simply because their metabolisms are extremely fast and as a result your body burns calories very quickly making it hard for you to gain any weight. Whilst this is great in regards to fat gain, it’s a royal pain when looking to pack on some beef to your frame. With this being said there are a few things which ectomorphs are able to do to get themselves on to the route which will result in them gaining some sizeable muscle mass.

To begin with ectomorphs can afford to take on an awful lot more calories than the average bodybuilder, in fact, it’s absolutely essential that they do in order to get anywhere in the gym. This does not mean eating more rubbish but more good carbohydrates from the low G.I chart and also plenty of good fats. An ectomorph should ingest up to 3g of quality carbohydrates per pound of body weight and between 0.75 and 1g of quality fats per pound of body weight. By doing this your body will have enough calories to use to pack on lean muscle mass.

Another great pointer for ectomorphs is when they eat what. For example, in the morning and after training they can afford to eat tremendous amounts of quality nutrients as can most. However, before bed time ectomorphs should take on plenty of good protein, but also fats and carbohydrates. Why? Well this time of the day your metabolism is at it’s slowest which is why its suicide for most to do this. However, because your metabolism is that fast in the day, you will be able to benefit more from these nutrients this time of the night. In fact, some well known athletes who are ectomorphs have eaten things like chocolate mousse before bed to make sure their loaded with calories. Whilst this poor source of nutrients isn’t advised, higher amounts of calories before bed are! Something like low fat cottage cheese, chopped pineapple, 25g chopped almonds and 8 scrambled egg whites all mixed up would work nicely!

In a way, being an ectomorph is perhaps the most desirable body type as a bodybuilder once you get going simply because you can afford to eat so many quality calories in a day and remain very lean. Ectomorphs don’t ever really get over weight even when eating a lot of calories whilst during an intensive training programme. If this is you, don’t be shy and begin to seriously ramp up your fats and carbohydrates and watch the muscle appear all over you skeleton. As I said don’t start eating junk because whilst you may not gain weight, it won’t be very functional towards your goals. Remember as you eat more and more your metabolism is going to get even faster, so you have to ‘outsmart’ it to enable you to pack on mass! Once you get the formula right as an ectomorph, you will have a great looking physique!

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