Eating Out and Sticking to Your Diet!

When eating out at a restaurant most of us like to enjoy it, maybe feast on a 3 course meal packed full of bad calories. Most bodybuilders will have experienced a time where they are out with their family and everyone is tucking into exactly what their taste buds have wanted, and your there thinking ‘oh go on then’ or ‘what the hell can I have from here?’ Well it is always good to know what you can and can’t get away with when eating out, if you’re sticking to a nutrition plan of a proper athlete.

First of all, you must be able to distinguish the difference between good carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is the easiest thing in the world to do, to convince yourself that the chips are giving you carbohydrates and the burger is pumping your muscle cells with lots of great muscle building proteins. Reality check, their not and the only size you will be putting on whilst eating with an attitude like that is around your waist. You must be true to yourself, don’t try and lie to yourself in order to justify cheating. If your meal out with your family so happens to fall on your cheat meal, then indulge and enjoy, just make sure what you have does contain protein. For everyone else who is eating out with their family and is supposed to be eating clean, read on.

Getting back to basics, the kind of protein sources your diet allows are chicken breast, turkey breast, beef steak and perhaps a variety of lean pork. Sources of protein to add to this include cod, tuna, salmon and eggs. The only problem is, there aren’t too many restaurants knocking out 12 egg white omelets. Your diet allows you to get your carbohydrates from rice, pasta, sweet potato, potato and oats. Again, oats with water is an unlikely seller therefore that won’t be on the menu. So you need to be as creative as possible and look to get that clean meal you’re supposed to be having.

Some of the easy options you can generally get at the majority of restaurants include steak and rice, chicken breast and rice, pork medallions and potato, mince beef chilly and rice or pasta and chicken. The only problem with many of these meals is that they are served with mountains of source or gravy. Unfortunately, you must insist that your meal doesn’t come smothered with any of these garnishes and you will just have to imagine what that source your uncle is eating tastes like. This is the hardest bit; there are generally a few decent options for any bodybuilder in most restaurants whether or not you have to juggle the menu slightly and ride a few peculiar looks from the waitress. Nevertheless there are normally options, you just need to be able to take note of them and not lack the commitment to your goals and give in just for a serving of your favorite source on your potato. It goes without saying deserts are generally a ‘no no’, unless maybe there is a fruit salad option or natural yoghurt.

There then is a quick guide for when your next in that predicament where you want the pasta carbonara, but know the source is bad for you, and you know the chicken with rice is your option. Next time, think of this article before your teasing taste buds lead you astray. On my 12 week transformation I have been in the predicament several times, but it is all about preparation of the mind. Not for a second do I consider anything I shouldn’t. Before I walk in I know what I am having, don’t tease yourself with off limit foods!

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  • sam

    tricky situation and this article is a reminder that it is manageable with preperation

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