Do the Scales Lie?

There is a massive psychological factor which comes into play when you weigh yourself. If you have been dieting all week, you haven’t skipped a single workout, cardio session, meal and you haven’t cheated, you hope to see a smaller figure on the scales than 7 days ago! If the scale reveals you weigh the same or even worse, more, your mental strength and stability becomes very shaky! Questions start popping up in your head, and you begin to second guess yourself and doubt what you are doing is right. I can relate to this, remember I am going through a 12 week transformation myself as I sit and type this; in fact I just had a lovely chicken and brown rice dish! Back to the point, I haven’t shown an ‘ideal’ loss of 2lbs a week every week, and that is down to a number of things. So how have I kept my mind straight, and more to the point, does weight really matter?

Unless you are preparing for a certain contest of some description where a specific weight limit is stipulated, what you weigh is completely irrelevant. Some guys look like they weigh 18 stone and only weight 12 stone, at the end of the day it is all about an illusion! In relation to my own transformation, I am getting leaner by the week, yet my weight isn’t dropping very much presently, and I would put this down to me building muscle as well as losing fat. Therefore I am not overly worried about what the scales tell me, as long as there some decrease on the scales every week.

So am I saying not to bother weighing yourself? No, in fact you should on a daily basis just so you can get a true reading of yourself. If you weigh yourself once a week it may be that on the particular day you weighed yourself you were more hydrated or dehydrated. By taking your weight at the same time, every day, on an empty stomach you will get a clear indication of your true weight. Once you know your true weight you can really plan ahead and also keep tabs on true weight loss! If your diet is good, your training is intense and you are doing cardio any weight loss should be mostly body fat. This is why weighing yourself can be good because you know when your diet suits as your weight comes down gradually, and it is great psychologically to see your weight lower!

In contrast do not let your weight on the scales mess with your head! Some days you may weigh heavier and you cannot workout why, you haven’t missed any workouts, you haven’t cheated and still you are heavier!!! This is probably down to water, so don’t panic! This is why I said by weighing yourself daily you get a true ‘medium’ reading of your weight. At the end of the day, it only matters what you look like not what you weigh! Weighing yourself is just there to confirm you are dropping weight that is all!

To finish off, I would always advise to look at yourself in the mirror every few days. Make sure the light is good, so there are enough shadows to really bring out your definition. This way you can judge if you are progressing or not. If you are, it doesn’t matter if the scales tell you you’re heavier or lighter! If you are not progressing in the mirror AND the scales say your not, then you know something needs to change!

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