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Many bodybuilders and athletes remain slightly uneducated in regards to the proper use of the supplements available to them today. Where it may seem a simple case of buying and taking all the supplements you fancy trying, you may notice more often than not that you don’t really feel any kind of benefit. This isn’t always down to the quality of the supplement, but instead the way your taking them and when. This article is going to uncover some of the benefits to cycling your supplements.

The fact is that a lot of bodybuilders and athletes alike believe that taking supplements all the time, in as high quantities as possible is the most beneficial route to take when looking to gaining muscle mass, strength and shedding body fat. Unfortunately this is not the case for those of you who subscribe to this mentality. Certain supplements, mainly the ones which stimulate the body such as Nitric Oxide, fat burners and Caffeine need to be cycled. This isn’t for your health; this is simply to get the most out of them. So in fact you need to sometimes use certain supplements less to get more out of them. Why is this case?

Simply put, just like with medicine your body builds a tolerance to the impact of certain supplements, meaning that it requires higher dosages to create the same sensation as when you first started taking the supplement. Obviously this will become more costly as well as negative on your health; therefore you need to cycle the supplement. By doing this, your body will enjoy what is known as a ‘rebound’ and after a short break from a performance enhancing supplement the effect will be even greater the next time you use it. So how do you cycle supplements properly?

To a degree, this comes down to your instinct. For example, when you first start taking a stimulant such as Nitric Oxide you should instantly feel a huge pump in the gym, increased alertness and improved performance. However, after 6 weeks of using this supplement on your training days you will notice the kick isn’t quite the same. This is because your body has become tolerant. This is when you take 1-2 weeks off before beginning to use the supplement again. During these 2 weeks it is absolutely vital to use multi-vitamins and vitamin B in particular. This is because stimulants drain your adrenal glands and when you don’t use them, you will feel lethargic and potentially experience headaches. By using a quality vitamin supplement and taking a break you will recharge your adrenal glands and you will also experience much more satisfying gains from your supplement when you restart using it.

That is my personal opinion of cycling supplements and the potential benefits of doing so. If you use a vast variety of stimulants constantly your body becomes saturated and you won’t get the same reaction. Instead, keep it fresh and cycle your stimulants to ensure they can have that same impact on your physique as they did on day 1!

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