Combat Estrogen With I-3-C !!!

As people become more clued up than ever on their knowledge as athletes, they begin to understand the benefits of more ‘subtle’ supplements which in fact have the power and ability to make the world of difference. Another fantastic ingredient which you should learn about is I-3-C which has many benefits to the serious athlete. This article is going to educate you on the use of I-3-C and why it is such a super supplement to use.

I-3-C or Indole-3-Carbinol as it is also known by is a phytochemical which contains a number of various antioxidants. I-3-C has gained a lot more recognition over the past couple of years as an excellent ingredient for bodybuilders because of the many ways it can affect you.

First and foremost in the bodybuilding world I-3-C is best known for its ability to inhibit estrogen which is of course of huge benefit to any male athlete. What this means is because your estrogen levels are suppressed there is indeed a larger gulf between your testosterone and estrogen levels. The difference between the two is known as ‘free testosterone’ and is essentially what determines just how anabolic you are. Therefore you can see that what I-3-C actually does is significantly increase your anabolic activity within by allowing for higher levels of ‘free testosterone.’ So what does this mean for you?

Increased anabolic activity means that your protein assimilation is much improved which in turn allows for faster recovery after workouts as well as enhanced muscle gains! To add to this your strength will also improve. Finally, it stands to reason that your fat levels should drop slightly as your ‘free testosterone’ levels can cause this, but the fact that your estrogen levels are suppressed also helps prevent fat gain and water retention. There are the key attributes of supplementing on I-3-C. However there are a few more benefits.

I-3-C is a great health supporting supplement because it can improve the health of both male and female reproductive organs which means it has the ability to potentially help prevent cancer. To add to this, I-3-C is a great supplement for your liver simply because it is able to act as a detoxifier. Finally, I-3-C is fantastic for improving your overall immune function which means you’re able to remain healthier.

There you have the many benefits of I-3-C outlined so now you have no excuses for not using this great supplement. Using ‘less known’ ingredients like this really can unlock the door to new gains for you!

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