Chromium is an incredible trace mineral which has the ability to offer a great deal of support to all bodybuilders and athletes alike. However, as with a lot of supplements which aren’t what you would call ‘mainstream’ you don’t always know why you are taking them and as a result this can lead to you making mistakes with your supplementation plan. To add to this it is always great to know exactly what you’re putting into yourself and why, as they say ‘knowledge is power’ and this is particularly the case when it comes to bodybuilding. This article is going to outline all of the benefits of supplanting Chromium and why you should do this!

As stated before, Chromium is a trace mineral which has been proven to be very important within a diet after numerous studies. However in regards to bodybuilding and athletics in general, why is Chromium so important to you?

The thing which Chromium is best known for in terms of supporting gains as a bodybuilder is its effects on Insulin. Chromium supports the production of Insulin within the body, which is a very anabolic hormone indeed which also governs your blood sugar levels. As a result, by increasing the effectiveness of your Insulin you can be sure that your blood sugar levels are going to remain stable. This in turn leads to more efficient fat burning due to the fact that you shouldn’t experience as many Insulin spikes during the day which leads to fat being stored, opposed to being used as an energy source. As you know, Insulin is also very anabolic. With this being said if you’re able to brace the active qualities of Insulin it stands to reason that your anabolic activity will also be increased and, in turn you will enjoy more rapid muscle growth and recovery.

Another huge benefit of supplementing on Chromium is that due to its effect on Insulin your glucose uptake is increased and your blood circulation is also improved. This then means that your energy levels will become elevated as a result and so will your endurance. Increased energy levels and endurance levels equates to intense training, combined with the increased anabolism means you will see you new rates of growth for sure!

There are some great reasons as to why you should be supplementing on Chromium, don’t wait any longer, go and start reaping the rewards now!

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