Are You Sick and Tired of Aching!?

After a few weeks of continuous training you may start to feel a little worn out, a little tired a little achy! Sometimes I certainly do, or should I say ‘have’ in the past. The reason I don’t experience this so much more now is because I make sure my supplementation plan doesn’t just look after my muscle and fat levels, but also my general health! Joints are a big problem for a lot of athletes, because whatever your chosen sport, our joints will wear after hours and hours of exercise. Niggles in your muscles are also another common problem. With this been said, I have put together what I believe to be the best supplement stack to prevent aches, pains and to promote more rapid recovery.

Protein is the foundation ingredient for recovery, without it you will really struggle to recover! Therefore I would suggest you get yourself a quality multi-blend protein such as USNProtein IGF-1, Gaspari Myofusion or PhD Whey 6hr Blend. These proteins will ensure your muscles constantly have a trickle of vital amino acids which is crucial in the recovery process. Post-workout you need a different form of protein supplement, one which will replenish your glycogen levels very quickly and plough amino acids into the muscle cell right away. For me, CNP Pro-Recover is the ultimate post-workout supplement! Over the years I have found when I use these two forms of protein my aches really do disappear and I suffer far less from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)!

L-Glutamine is another important supplement to aid the process of recovery, mainly because it is able to stimulate the rate of protein synthesis in the muscle cell. It is also able to improve the overall uptake of amino acids in the muscle cell, which is how your muscle recovers.

In terms of joint health, you need glucosamine in your supplement stack desperately! In simple terms, Glucosamine significantly improves your cartilage metabolism. This ensures that your cartilage doesn’t break down so easily, leading to fewer pains in the joint. To add to that, it is also an anti-inflammatory and can help soothe muscle pains as well aching joints!

Cissus Quadrangularis is another ingredient I swear by! This supplement is a fantastic agent for recovery, as it stimulates blood flow into your connective tissues. Naturally, your connective tissues have a very poor supply of blood, and blood carries all the key nutrients for recovery. Therefore this is why continuous exercise can lead to injuries in these areas. By supplementing on Cissus Quadrangularis you can potentially prevent this from happening, by increasing the rate of blood flow!

Finally, for overall joint and body health and I would say you need Udo’s Choice oil! This is the ultimate blend of EFAs (essential fatty acids) which help lubricate the joints. If you have a very low fat diet you will often notice your joints are sore. This is why, so by supplementing on this very healthy source of fats your aching joints should ache far less.

These are the supplements I would advise to anybody who I struggling to recover and feels they are constantly aching!

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