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Every athlete, wrongly or rightly wants to be able to bench press the earth, the moon and the rest of the solar system for that matter. It’s not so much for growth but bragging rights. This article doesn’t and won’t advocate this as it’s not necessarily beneficial. However what it will do is show you some simple techniques which will see your bench press grow rapidly!

Your triceps lift a hell of a lot of the weight on most chest movements, especially the bench press! Therefore tip one for increasing your bench press is to hit your triceps hard. Now, when training your triceps most of the movements won’t stimulate the inner head and long head. Ironically it is these two heads which help lift on your bench press. However, one particularly great exercise for this is to perform triceps pushdowns with a straight bar and stand right up against the cable so its running down your nose, with your elbows back and the bar rubbing against your abdominals. Instantly you will feel the inside of your arm burn up which is because your inner and long heads are being hammered. Go as heavy as possible with repetitions between 8-10 to develop this area!

Another great tip when it comes to increasing your bench press is to forget the bench and press on the floor. This is because your arms cannot go as far down and it focuses on the ‘strongest’ part of the repetition. As a result your muscles adapt to heavier weight more readily as you are able to use more weight!

When bench pressing load the bar up and use a 100mm block on your chest as a point to lower the bar to. Again, like doing this exercise on the floor it focuses on the strongest proportion of the repetition. As a result your muscles will become more accustomed to much heavier weight and your confidence will also grow.

Negatives are again a brilliant way to really increase your strength in a short space of time. What this does is focus on the negative part of the repetition which allows you to load the weight on. As a result your strength grows rapidly as your muscles become more comfortable with the heavier loads.

Finally, using chains on the either end of the bar is another fantastic way to build strength. What this does is make the load progressively heavier on the stronger part of your repetition, forcing your muscles to adapt that bit quicker!

One very important point when using these techniques, using weights where you can only do 1-5 repetitions is that your connective tissue will be under immense stress. As a result you should not make a habit of this and instead use it every 3 weeks in order to stimulate your strength and grow your bench press.

These techniques are very simple yet extremely effective in increasing your bench press dramatically!

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