Add Variety to your plate!

Variety: The spice of life!

Who ever said that eating clean had to be boring? Because they were wrong! Yes, we (we being the collective fitness world) have to be far stricter than others who may take less care in their food consumption, but why should that mean we have to force bland chicken and brown rice or plain down every meal? Of course it doesn’t! There are so many healthy and interesting options to spice up that meal plan without adding too many calories. By the end of this article I hope to run through a few helpful tips on varying your diet the healthy way, instead of indulging on junk due to boredom and to talk about how variety in your diet is and will be beneficial to your individual aims and progress.

“Challenge yourself”

The importance of changing your workout routine is often stressed a lot more than changing your meal plans. Changing a workout routine once every 6-8 weeks benefits your training progress due to the altering stress on the muscles as a result of different movements. It keeps the body and muscles “on their toes” in a sense, as they are constantly being challenged and therefore worked harder and to greater effect.  This is also true with nutrition. Let’s say that each morning you sit down to a nutritious serving of oats and blueberries, eventually this is going to get boring. This may result in resentment of your healthy lifestyle and lead you to opt for a bowl of the kids cereal perhaps – especially on down days when you’re craving sugar. Why not try spicing it up by adding a pinch of cinnamon, switch blueberries to another member of the berry family, add a few raisins/nuts or you could even find a bran or oatmeal cereal with similar macros. Maybe experiment with some new recipes, such as the infamous protein pancake. Search through the recipe section of FitMag and indulge in a delicious, healthy and interesting new recipe.

“Boost your metabolism”

Even the smallest of changes will keep you on your toes and on track of your diet, perhaps a new seasoning, cooking potatoes in a different style and so on. Some metabolism boosting herbs such as cayenne pepper could be a fun and beneficial addition to most meals.  The idea of varying your diet not only keeps you on the ball and makes dieting much more fun and interesting; it may even boost your metabolism by the constant provision of new and different nutrients furthermore improving your personal progression.

“Enjoy yourself”

You deserve to enjoy yourself; you work hard every day of the week trying to achieve the body you want. You show strong will, a positive attitude and determination. Don’t punish yourself, enjoy your diet. Enjoy the new, healthier you!

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