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It is so easy to tell you to be strong minded, block out everything you miss and just don’t cheat. In an ideal world that would work, it works for me because I am extremely driven to get my physical achievements. I won’t even consider touching a chocolate bar if it isn’t cheat day, even if it was put right under my nose! However, in the past when I started out I did really struggle. Here are some my tips from experience on how to stop yourself from cheating, when your family members are lapping up mouth watering curries, pizzas and pies!

Have you ever watched one of your sporting idols on YouTube or DVD, and said to yourself ‘man I am never going to cheat again, in fact I wanna go and train right now although it is 1 AM!’’ This is a common occurrence and it is simply because we have people we idolise, and if you view them as amazing, you want to copy them and achieve their goals. So I would always advise watching a video clip or two, of your favourite athlete to deter you from cheating. For me I like to watch people like Jay Cutler, Zack Khan, Flex Lewis and Kris Gethin to really keep myself motivated! By doing this I instantly feel as if I want to improve myself, not hold myself back with ‘that crap my family are eating for supper!’ Can you see how my mindset shifted from wanting junk to turning my nose up at it, all because of an idol! Try this; I think you will find it works quite well!

Tea and coffee play a huge role in my transformation! Ideally, I have coffee with 2 sugars, but I am simply not allowed that, so I just go without sugar. I find that when a craving really kicks in a good old ‘cuppa’ can keep them at bay because I find tea and coffee comforting. If you do, I would advise trying this as well! They also give you a little energy lift because of the caffeine, as well as warm you up, which sometimes is enough to satisfy cravings.

I don’t know about you, but I find later at night my cravings really play havoc with me! In the past I would never be in bed before 2 AM, whether it was because of work commitments or because I just wanted to watch a movie. Obviously, if your last scheduled meal is 11PM and you stay up a couple of hours later, your body is going to want feeding again and your minds going to tell you! So once you have your ‘before bed’ meal hit the sack, so your cravings cannot play up! Most people cheat when they are tired and feeling feeble minded, don’t let this be you!

Make your food taste good would be another tip from me! How obvious does that sound? Long gone are the days where you have to eat 7 meals of dry rice and dry tuna! Spice it up, improve your cooking skills so that you can really add some zest and flavour to your food. Enjoying your food will go along way to not cheating!

Eat the odd cheat meal to keep your cravings at bay. Even on my transformation I will have a cheat meal every few weeks and when I have one, I make sure I don’t want to see the site of junk ever again! Indian food is a soft point for me, I love it! However, after my meal I will feel very bloated and full, which is great. If I finished a cheat meal off and I am still hungry, my cravings are going to get even worse!

When I first started training my goal was to have a ‘6 pack’ because I thought I was cool, attractive and I thought it would improve my confidence. Those were my reasons, and there are going to be deep reasons in your head as to why you are dieting right now. When you want to cheat, take your mind back to that very place. If it is to look sharp on the beach and get lots of attention off the ladies, that’s cool, and embrace that! Envisage yourself on the beach in 12 weeks, will you be bursting to take your top off to show off all that hard work and dedication, OR, will your gut be bursting through your t-shirt before you have even taken it off? I know which one I will be and I know which one most other people will be as well! Whenever I feel weak minded, I always remind myself of my deeper goals which justifies the ‘hardship!’

Finally, as a final pointer to you guys. If you hit a point where you have said ‘bugger it, I am going to cheat’ just take one second before you do, head over to a mirror, take off your t-shirt and ask yourself, ‘’am I happy with this?’’ The answer is almost certainly no because you wouldn’t have read this far, and that should make the built override your desire for rubbish food!

I hope if not all, at least some of these points can help you stay on your path and stray whilst you undergo your transformation! Come on, it isn’t that bad! Keep it up!!!!

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