Adam Gethin's 'BluePrint' Training Split for beginners!

From experience I feel that to really maximize your gains in the gym you need to ensure your training split is correct! Too many people will focus on their ‘mirror muscles’ like arms and chest, yet neglect their big muscle groups like back and legs! It baffles me when I see people train arms for an hour and legs for 20 minutes, logically how does that add up? Here is what I would advise!

Everybody has weak body parts and strong body parts! Even Mr. Olympia’s have weak body parts; it is part of the game we are in! So the first piece of advice I would give is know which are your ‘weaker’ looking body parts. This will tell you which body parts need 110% focus as where others just need a good workout as usual. Personally, my deltoids and chest are my weak body parts therefore I make sure I focus on them! Legs were a weak body part for me but I have worked extra hard to bring them up over the last year! On the flip side my arms are a strong body part, so I won’t train them on their own more than once a month. Instead I will just hit biceps or triceps at the end of another workout for 15 minutes.

To kick off your week I would always advise hitting one of your two ‘big’ muscle groups, back or legs. Personally I would advise back because if you do legs on day 1 you will have to train all week whilst struggling to stand up! So day 1 hit your back which will stimulate your anabolic hormones, it will speed up your metabolism and cause a huge expenditure in calories! After back I would also train calves because if you are training legs at the end of the week, your calves will have time to recover! What a great way to begin the week!

Next day I would hit chest and triceps because these are two smaller muscle groups. They are also unrelated to back which you trained the day before. If you were to train biceps the day after back I would suggest your ability to train them to the limit may be compromised!

On the third day of the week I would not hit the gym, but I would train your abdominals for just 4-6 working sets to failure at home.

The fourth day of the week I would advise hitting shoulders and biceps. The reason I advise this is because your biceps don’t do much work on shoulder exercises, therefore they are relatively fresh after your shoulder workout.

Finally, on day five you can polish the week off with leg day! Like back, legs are a massive muscle group therefore they take so much out of you in terms of calorie expenditure! This is great because you are going to boost your metabolism even more just before a 2 day break!

Obviously for the next 2 days of the week you should just rest and allow your body to fully recover and grow! This training split is one which I feel is ideal for beginners because it hits every body part in the correct volume, and it spaces each body part out from one another effectively! This should enable you to optimize your gains whilst helping you to avoid over training!

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