Adam Gethin's 5 Step Guide to a 'Healthier You'

Whilst a lot of our audience relish content on the ‘latest way to gain 10lbs of muscle’ or the ‘fastest way to increase your bench by 20kg’, I do acknowledge and respect that a lot of people will still not be ‘sold’ on the idea. What I mean by this is, there could be somebody who wants to make their life healthier, but they are still not sure about the whole ‘eating’ and ‘training’ aspect of it all. For sure, if you are set in a certain way of life, starting to eat 5 solid meals a day, without any treats, and on top of that training 5 times a week, will be a shock to the system! So here is my 5 step guide to a ‘healthier you’ from a general point of view. These are small, yet significant changes anybody can make to promote fat loss and improve their overall health!

Tea and coffee are a much ‘cemented’ part of our culture today and I too enjoy several cups of each a day! In a way, coffee and tea are my guilty pleasure! However, I used to have 2 sugars in both my tea and coffee, and I would also choose full fat milk if it was an option. Of course, it may not sound like much, but if you multiply that by 5 times a day, you are suddenly taking a few hundred extra ‘bad calories’ on board! So a very simple tip here is to change your choice of milk to ‘fully skimmed’ and to completely cut out your sugar. There are a range of artificial sweeteners, which can compensate for some of lost ‘sweetness’ if you struggle that much!

My second tip would be to choose ‘low fat’ versions of condiments such as Mayonnaise, Ketchup and the likes of. Whilst it is true you should still watch your consumption of these dressings, if you were to have the same amount per day or week, as you do of the ‘regular’ choices it stands to reason you will reduce your overall ‘bad calories.’ As a result you should stimulate additional fat loss. Don’t get stung by ‘scams’ which many food manufactures do though, and that is to cut the ‘fat’ out and simply replace it with ‘sugar’ in the form of carbohydrates. Whilst it is true they are not fats, they will soon convert into body fat once your body cannot utilise them fast enough!

Step 3 is to swap your carbohydrate sources for ‘wholemeal’ or ‘wholegrain’ alternatives. So if you have 2 slices of white toast for breakfast, make sure the toast is brown instead. If you eat white rice, opt for brown. These simple changes mean that your body will have longer to burn the calories from the carbohydrates, thus limiting the conversion of calories into body fat!

My fourth tip to a ‘healthier you’ would be to limit alcohol consumption, or better yet, give it up! For people who struggle to lose weight, I think that alcohol has so much to answer for. Of course, this is only relevant IF you do drink. However, just one night a week, drinking 5 pints or so will seriously hamper your chances of increasing your fat loss, and here is why. Alcohol is in no uncertain terms, poisonous to your body! Therefore when you drink it, your body will stop trying to digest foods, because it is focussing on flushing out this ‘poison!’ therefore, you drastically suppress the ability of your metabolism to burn calories by drinking alcohol. If you can’t live without it, I would only drink a small amount of red wine once or twice a week. This can be good for your cholesterol levels, and it isn’t as full of ‘empty’ calories as beer or lager.

Finally, tip number five would have to be to be consistent with your portions. If you currently eat whenever you want, you don’t have any structure, the chances are you eat too little most of the time, and then too much at the wrong times! Many people will leave themselves get so hungry, that by supper time they are ready to eat a horse!!! However, by this time their metabolism has slowed right down, meaning that they are going to consume a huge amount of calories, with a slow running metabolism. In terms of fat loss or fat gain, this spells DISASTER, with capitals! So if you can implement some structure to your diet, making sure you eat a healthy breakfast, a snack mid morning, lunch, perhaps a mid afternoon snack and finally supper, you will be a lot healthier. Your metabolism will be faster, your Cortsiol levels should drop because your body feels more energised and your body should be happier to burn stored body fat, because you are feeding it regularly with energy.

Just by applying these principles to your day to day life, you will notice significant differences. You will feel healthier, fitter, more energised and I believe it will be your first step on to the ‘ladder of health and fitness.’ What I mean is that all of a sudden you get used to a structure, so it isn’t such a shock to start a specific ‘diet.’ To add to this, you will enjoy your results and you will then go searching for the next step! If motivation and uncertainty is a problem for you, just TRY these steps and then I think you will be halfway there to getting involved FULL TIME!

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