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Now you are using a range of quality supplements which are all designed to support muscle growth, strength gains and fat loss, you should look at the ‘general health’ sector! As you know I am ‘health geek’ and I am a huge advocator of taking good care of your body. Here is a list of herbs which I believe can be very beneficial to your overall health! If you are a healthy athlete, you can definitely make faster progress in my book!

There are many different herbs out there, hundreds of thousands of years old which can effect your body in many different ways. There is a herb for most things which is why you will learn a bit of about herbs which can offer very different benefits.

First off you should learn about one or two herbs which are particularly good for your general health. Bilberry is noted for its ability to support strong eyesight in particular, with many other benefits including the likes of decreasing the chances of obtaining diabetes. Another excellent herb for your general health is Alfalfa which is able to help with a number of things. First of all it supports efficient digestion, and it is also known to support healthy kidney and liver function as well as fighting arthritis and asthma! I think these herbs are a great way to ‘hedge your bets’ to remain healthy in the long run.

There are also herbs which specifically support the health of the male body. Saw Palmetto is the name and it’s known for its ability to support prostate health. Secondly is Pygeum which is able to support the health of the testicles and the productivity of them. Finally is Yohimbine, which is basically a key ingredient for treating a low libido. With more and more men today experiencing health issues in this area, it is always wise to do what you can to help limit the chances of illness yourself!

Finally here are a handful of herbs which are great for the health of women. Raspberry leaf is a great herb for women looking to become pregnant because of its ability to promote fertility. Another popular herb for women is wild Yam simply because it can support the health of the liver and kidneys and suppress ovarian pain.

There you have a list of quality herbs for various issues, both male and female. Don’t mistake these herbs as non-important to athletes and bodybuilders because they are! If you are not healthy or totally functional your training and ability to keep in shape and metabolise all the nutrients you eat will be seriously hampered. Above all else, your health is the most important thing! Without your health, where are you?

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