7 Ways to Track Your Progress!

Tracking your progress is an absolutely essential part of your transformation. If you don’t track any changes how do you know if your diet and current training programme is working for you! How do you know if those supplements you just forked out on are doing as they say they will? Here are 7 top tips I use in order to ensure I know my progress is right on track!

Tip 1 –

Weigh yourself every morning before you eat! This is such a simple point yet one people miss to do! Make sure you do weigh yourself at the same time every day; this gives you a true indication of your weight. If you weigh yourself once a week who knows you may be dehydrated that day, which would alter you’re reading on the scales! Whilst weight is irrelevant by keeping a close eye on the scales you know if you are dropping weight. Most people will notice a drop of 1-2 lbs per week once they gain momentum. If you don’t, do not panic as it may be that you are gaining muscle simultaneously. This is something I have experienced on my current transformation! This leads me nicely on to my next point!

Tip 2 –

Learn to see changes in your physique with your eyes. Again this may sound blatantly obvious but you need to have the ability to see small changes. Personally, the right side of my abdominals and obliques show through better than my left. Therefore when my left side begins to come through I know the fat is coming down whatever the scales say! The important thing is to be true to yourself, don’t be disillusioned by what you want to see, and don’t be too harsh on yourself either!

Tip 3 –

Take photos every 2 weeks of yourself. This way this will reinforce the changes you have experienced to your mind. It is very hard to remember what you looked like sometimes, so by having photos to look back on you can see how far you have come. This is great for your mental strength as well, because you want to make sure the next set of photos show a big difference as well!

Tip 4 –

Learn to know your body! When I first began my transformation, week 1 was hard going! I didn’t want to eat my meals, I was always full and the 3 hours between meals felt like 3 minutes! Initially, I had to allow 30 minutes to eat my breakfast! Fast forward 4 weeks and I could eat every 30 minutes, I feel that hungry!!! What does that tell me? That my metabolism is indeed firing on all cylinders, therefore I know I will be burning more calories. As you progress, you should feel hungry between meals, yet you should also struggle slightly at the start to eat all your foods! As you get hungrier between meals it is a tell tale sign your burning fat!

Tip 5 –

Sweating is something I don’t do much of, I can train flat out on a week 3 leg workout with Neil Hill and I just don’t sweat! However, during my cardio I know sweat a lot and that is due to the increased rate of thermogenesis! This means I am burning more calories. Another typical tell tale sign your fat burning is on the rise!


Tip 6 –

Everyone who weight trains wants to be more vascular, the look of veins running down your arms looks great! Well, as your body fat decreases this is exactly what will happen! Keep an eye out for increased vascularity in your forearms as well as other areas of your body! New veins popping out are something you tend to notice!

Tip 7 -

Measure your waistline! This is a sure fire way of knowing if you are losing body fat. Your lower back and waist is where most of your body fat will rest, therefore if your waist is getting smaller, it is no coincidence!

Those are my top 6 tips to keeping an eye of your progress during your 12 week transformation! By using a combination of these you will have a good idea if you are making the progress you need to be making. If you are not progressing, you know about it sooner rather than later so you can alter your diet accordingly!

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