6 Small Steps for Giant Gains!

Is going to the gym becoming gradually more tedious with each session? By any chance, is this because you don’t look any better than you did 12 months ago? If this is you, here is an awesome 6 step guide to getting you back on track! Forget about anything which hasn’t worked for you in the past, if you want to grow to the next level then follow these training tips!

Step 1 –

Change your training split! Whatever it is you have done for the last few months, change it so that it is completely different! The only stipulation should be that back and legs are not back to back!

Step 2 –

Swap the exercises you do for ones you haven’t done much of. If you use the barbell for most of your pressing or the smith machine, start using dumbbells! If you always bench flat, go on incline and decline instead! Also, constantly change the order in which you perform exercises on a weekly basis. This way each week your body doesn’t know what to expect!

Step 3 –

Challenge yourself! Keep a note of how many repetitions you lifted using a specific weight and make sure you beat it every week! It may only be by 1 rep more or 1kg more. However, by constantly sustaining this kind of momentum you will FORCE your body to react to this new level of stress. Of course, the reaction is to build more muscle tissue!

Step 4 –

Get competitive! Train with a partner with similar levels of strength to you who really wants to gain, as you do! Each week push each other and see who is making the fastest gains. There is no harm in friendly competition to push one another! It is human nature to want to win, so this will really spur you on to get to that gym with the right mindset to train hard!

Step 5 –

Perform negative repetitions with your training partner. Forget doing one forced rep after you begin to fail, let’s take it up a notch! Once you reach failure, get your partner to assist lifting the weight and you control the negative part! Do 5 of these with your last working set on each exercise and your muscles won’t know what the hell has hit them! They will be forced to grow, of course!

Step 6 –

Check on your form! Form is everything unless you have IFBB Pro status genetics! Get your form bang on to really start taxing your muscles. Science dictates that by hitting that muscle week in week out, harder, with heavier weights that muscle HAS TO GROW! If it isn’t, it is probably due to the fact your form isn’t right!

There you have 6 solid steps to follow for stimulating new levels of muscular hypertrophy! Don’t be put off by a lack of results; be motivated to make that change! Using these 6 steps will CERTAINLY get you close to your goals!

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