5 Step Plan to Suppress Your Cravings!

As my transformation journey continues, the hills I have to climb mentally are getting steeper! More than a physical challenge, it has become a mental challenge. Training hard has never bothered me, I love the challenge and I love to better myself every workout. Eating healthy is something I also love to do, but unfortunately my appetite loves junk food too. As a result the cravings within constantly nag me for food which is strictly on the ‘prohibited foods list!’ Here are my top 5 tips to suppressing your appetite during your transformation!

  1. 1.       Make sure your diet contains plenty of healthy fats. Currently I am using USN CLA Thermo and Udo’s Choice Oil with every other meal, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray with every meal. These fats are great for promoting fat loss. However, they are also a fundamental part of my combat against cravings. Healthy fats help slow down the rate at which we digest calories, therefore it prolongs the onset of hunger. These fats are a ‘God send’ to me, when I would otherwise be forced to chomp on celery sticks to avoid eating chocolate!


  1. 2.        Even if your diet is low carbohydrate, make sure you have 3 meals with very low G.I carbohydrates before training. These carbohydrates take a long time to burn, therefore they keep you feeling full for longer. If you have lots of fruit, you will get hungry about 30 minutes afterwards and want more. Not good when you are trying to control your appetite!



  1. 3.       Eat red meat as your evening meal! Not only do the fats in red meat stimulate your anabolic hormones. They also suppress your hunger like the fats in tip number 1. However, red meat is also slow digesting; therefore it sits in your stomach for some time. If you are only having one solid meal in the evening, and a shake before bed, you want to make sure that solid meal fills you up! Red meat will do this, as where something like white fish will digest more quickly and therefore stimulate feelings of hunger!


  1. 4.       Make sure you have an ‘emergency back up plan’ for when the going really gets tough! What I mean is that in an ideal world everyone has enough mental strength not to cheat, and the previous three tips will help prevent any cravings. However, out of the many people reading this at least one or two of you will still cheat. Therefore, instead of cheating have a food you know is OK to eat IF you cannot bear the cravings. The protein pancakes I cooked up for you guys are a good option, because they are very low in carbohydrates and fat, but high in protein. Other ideas could be carrot sticks with almond butter, a small portion of pineapple with almond butter or even low fat cottage cheese. Whilst these may not be ideal, they are certainly better than eating junk food! Hopefully, by knowing psychologically you have a back up, your cravings won’t kick in because cravings are often driven by desire, not necessity!



  1. 5.       Stay hydrated! Water or the lack is a VERY common stimulant for hunger. When you feel hungry, it is often because you haven’t drunk enough. Therefore by drinking 4-5 litres of clear water a day, you should really help suppress your cravings!


Take these 5 points and implement them in your daily routine! I am certain they will help you get over certain cravings you may be experiencing. If you had hoped I was about to reveal a secret where eating pizza at a certain time of the day is OK, I am sorry, but along with tips mental strength is also required! The combination of the both will see you through to the end!

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