4 'Optimum' Times of the Day to Feed Up!

No matter how many times you tell somebody something, they won’t always listen and take it on board. This is just human nature and something we can do nothing about unfortunately. However, if I could influence you ‘magically’ to take on just piece of advice it would be this! There are FOUR optimum feeding intervals during the day, where by taking on the correct nutrients and supplements you can drastically improve your gains. I am going to give you a basic infrastructure to follow so you are able to make the most of these FOUR different periods of the day!

The first one isn’t going to be very hard to guess is it? Indeed you are right; breakfast is the first window of opportunity to really accelerate your gains! When you wake up your body is primed for growth and it is also in a state where you can really stimulate your metabolism and fat loss! The following supplements are what I would describe as ‘essential’ for the first window!

Feeding Interval 1 –

Ultra fast digesting whey isolate protein shake- Gaspari Myofusion, Dymatize Elite Whey, Reflex Instant Whey.

Fast and slow digesting carbohydrates – PhD Waxy Maize and Oats

L-Carnitine – Reflex L-Carnitine


MultiVitamin – Gaspari Anavite, USN Multiplex Sport

The second feeding interval is your pre-workout meal, approximately 1 ½ hours to 2 hours before you train. It is imperative to your growth and strength levels that you hit the gym ‘lock and loaded!’ With that said, I would insist of the following supplements!


Feeding Interval 2 –

Multi-blend timed release protein – Gaspari Myofusion, CNP Pro-Peptide

Creatine – MST Cre-O2

L-Glutamine – Reflex L-Glutamine, CNP L-Glutamine

Quality carbohydrates – PhD Waxy Maize


Feeding interval three is your post-workout meal. This meal is where all of your hard work in the gym begins to pay off because you can force feed your muscle cells, like no other time in the day. Right after the gym, view your muscles like a sponge and they will soak up nutrients like water!

Feeding Interval 3 –

Fast digesting protein and fast digesting carbohydrates – CNP Pro-Recover


L-Glutamine – Reflex L-Glutamine

The fourth and final ‘optimum’ feeding time for any athlete is right before they hit the sack! When we are sleeping we recover and grow faster than any other time of the day, so it makes perfect sense to ensure our body has the correct nutrients to make the most of this opportunity! Our growth hormone levels peak during sleep, so we need to stimulate them to their maximum potential! This will also aid fat loss! Before bed it is vital you take on the following!

Feeding Interval 4

Very slow digesting protein – PhD Whey 6hr Blend

GABA product – MST Somnidren GH

There you have my ‘essential’ feeding times of the day. If you were to follow this supplement plan and just eat balanced meals in between, with good carbohydrates, proteins and fats you would GROW! Of course if you can make your diet perfect as well all the better, but for those of you who have no appetite for food, follow this along with balanced meals and I promise you will never look back!


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