3 Ways to 'Grip On'

What a lot of athletes actually regard as failure is in fact their ‘grip’ failing opposed to the target muscle group. This isn’t ideal because you are not taking your targeted muscle to the limit! To compensate a lot of people use wrist straps which do help, but then your grip never really improves. Here are some ways you can improve your grip through exercise!

Your grip is directly linked to your forearm muscles and isolating your forearms arms can indeed be beneficial for your grip. However, this article is going to specifically focus on improving your ‘grip’ opposed to the size of your forearms although as a result of enhancing your grip you will experience some muscular hypertrophy in this area.

The importance of a good strong grip to any athlete looking to achieve muscle growth is absolutely vital. This is because a lot of the time athletes will stop during a set because their grip is giving in, where their targeted muscle still hasn’t been broken down to the point where muscle hypertrophy can be stimulated!

So how can you improve your grip? There are several ways you can focus entirely on improving your grip.

1. One excellent way to improve your grip is to take a new tennis ball in each hand and squeeze it as hard as you can, for 60 seconds, then having 30 seconds rest then going again. By doing this you will cause muscular contractions in your forearms which are directly linked to your grip and as a result you’re able to do those extra few reps whilst lifting heavy poundages in the gym without the worry of your grip going before your muscles.


2.Another great exercise is to hang from a pull up bar using a rope,      where your grip will be pushed to the max. This will focus on your crushing grip as well as your pinch grip which isolates just your fingers and thumbs.


3. Finally, another highly rated exercise to enhance your grip is to perform dumbbell curls with a towel wrapped around the dumbbell and you hold the towel. This causes havoc and really tests your grip. There is a huge element of stabilization which comes into play here, adding to the stress placed on your forearms.


There you have some great ways to seriously improve your grip which may have well been letting you down up until now. As a byproduct of this training you can expect to also see a significant growth spurt in the forearm area.

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