3 Two Minute Salad Recipes!

Traditionally, salad is a very popular dish in the summer months. This is partly due to the fact it has a very high water content therefore it is quenching and refreshing! Furthermore, the calorie content is relatively low which suits when your appetite is suppressed in the hotter seasons. On the other hand, salads can be pretty boring and very ‘samely.’ Therefore here are my top 3 salad dishes to try, which can either act as ‘between meal stop gaps’ or meals depending on your goals and nutritional needs!

Salad 1 –

.  Chopped lettuce

. 1 Sliced tomato

. ¼ sliced cucumber

. 25g pine kernels

. 2 boiled eggs

. 75g low fat cottage cheese

. 50g pineapple chunks

This salad is very basic and easy to prepare, yet it will fill you up with quality food sources loaded with healthy fats, protein and even some carbohydrates. This is the perfect balanced salad dish for anybody watching their waistline!

Salad 2 –

. Chopped lettuce

. 100g of chicken breast

. 2 sliced raw mushrooms

. 50g sliced beetroot

. 25g chopped almonds

This salad is a little more of an acquired taste with raw mushroom and beetroot. Personally I find it has a beautiful wholesome taste and it is a very refreshing snack on a hot day between meals! It is also very healthy, with a great variety of clean foods in there!

Salad 3 –

. Chopped lettuce

. 75g of tinned tuna mixed with 20g of low fat cottage cheese and 15g of tomato ketchup

. 1 sliced tomato

. ¼ sliced cucumber

. ½ sliced green pepper

. ½ finely chopped onion

. 1 boiled egg

The contents of this salad are very refreshing and by making those couple of additions to the tuna, it suddenly becomes moist opposed to being dry as it is without mayonnaise. The balance of this salad is again ideal for anybody looking for a guilt free healthy snack to plug a whole in their hunger!

There you have 3 very easy to use salad recipes! Of course as I always say you should make small additions here and there yourself to learn what tastes the best for you. However, always remain conscious of the nutritional content! As it is summer I will be sure to enjoy many salads between my meals as a refreshing way to keep my belly full! Enjoy!

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