10X10 Training System - A bodybuilding Legend

One of the most old school training systems which has survived the test of time is the 10X10 training system. This very unique and specific training protocol was first devised and introduced to the world of iron by bodybuilding legend Vince Gironda. Even today many top professional bodybuilders and athletes use the 10X10 training system for a number of reasons which is why you need to learn about it. Perhaps it will inspire you to give it a go!

As the name suggests, the 10X10 training system consists of performing 10 working sets, with you completing 10 repetitions per set. As a general rule, you only use one exercise for your targeted body part and this movement has to be a compound movement opposed to an isolation exercise. Here is an example workout:

Incline Dumbbell press X 10 sets for 10 repetitions

This training system works on the principle of volume opposed to causing sever amounts of strain on your muscle fibers by pushing them beyond failure. In fact, one of the key rules of the 10X10 training system is to not reach failure on any of the working sets for the simple reason that if you do, then your certainly not going to be able to complete 10 sets of 10. Obviously this means you won’t be applying the training protocol as it meant to be of this training system. As a final pointer, this training system is based on intensity and volume there for you should keep your rest periods between sets to approximately 90 seconds. This will allow for adequate recovery so you do not have to reduce the poundages used yet it will ensure that the muscles are taxed enough. So what are advantages to the 10X10 training system?

The first major advantage of using this training system is that it causes a major shock to the muscles, hitting them with high volume in a relatively short space of time. This workout shouldn’t take anymore than 20 minutes! To add to this, you’re able to have a great workout and stimulate muscular hypertrophy whilst going easy on your connective tissue.

Another great benefit to this 10X10 training system is that it doesn’t cause maximum muscular failure. This may sound an odd statement, but studies have shown that reaching failure continuously whilst training can in fact impede your gains. This is because your CNS isn’t able to make a full recovery. By using this training system not only can you make great gains, your also allowing the rest of your body to recovery from your more intense training and in turn your progress will snowball. The intensity will also stimulate fat loss as well as speeding up your metabolism!

Finally, the fact that you’re doing 10 successive sets of a particular exercise means that your form will improve and turn this will lead to the movement becoming more effective. Your concentration levels will improve during your sets and this will benefit you in the long run.

There you have some great pointers as to why this unique and very basic approach to training is so very beneficial.

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