'1 Stop' Guide to Dextrose

The use of dextrose in your diet can be beneficial as well as detrimental. Too many people lack education in the effects of using various types of carbohydrates, believing they are all the same. In short, all carbohydrates are not equal. Discover exactly where dextrose fits into the picture and how it can help you and also learn when using dextrose can become problematic.

Dextrose is a fast acting carbohydrate, which means that as soon as you ingest it, it will become active. As a result your blood sugar levels are affected and your insulin levels are spiked. As dextrose is a fast release carbohydrate your body assimilates it immediately which means there is a very high dosage of glycogen available at once. In fact, Dextrose scores 100 on the glycemic index which is very high!

So what does this mean to you and your physique? On the plus side, the effect dextrose has on your blood sugar levels can be great first thing in the morning and immediately after training, in fact, its essential. This is because during these periods of the day your muscle glycogen levels are depleted and there is a lack of glucose in your blood. In short this means there is a lack of usable energy, which is when the effects of catabolism begin to become active as they begin to breakdown muscle tissue as a form of energy opposed to your body fat. Using dextrose will instantaneously boost the glucose levels in your blood which in turn will provide a means to replenish your muscle glycogen levels. In turn this will take you into an anabolic stage and it will also fire up your metabolism for the day. Therefore you can see using dextrose during these particular times of day outlined can be beneficial. If you are dieting to get ‘ripped’ I wouldn’t advise using dextrose during breakfast, only post-workout!

However, using dextrose at any other time of the day can be very bad for your progress as an athlete. This is because once your blood is rich in glucose it doesn’t need a ‘spike’ which is exactly what dextrose will do. Therefore, by consuming dextrose at this point in time you will add body fat to your physique, as well as affect your anabolic state. This is because spiking your insulin levels when they are stable, can result in a lapse in insulin activity and effectiveness.

There you can see the key benefits to using dextrose as you wake as well as directly after training. You can also see the huge disadvantage in using dextrose at any other time of the day, due to its high glycemic index. Don’t get caught up the ‘calories game’ where people just cram all sorts of calories in all times of the day to ‘mass build!’ Dextrose won’t stimulate muscle growth during the middle of the day for instance, just fat gain! The other times of the day as mentioned above are ideal times to use Dextrose!

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