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Reflex The Edge

Reflex The Edge
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
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Why buy Reflex The Edge?

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A great supplement for taking before and after a workout, giving you and your body high quality ingredients when you need them most. Good Value too - 4 stars.

Product Highlights

- Hypercarbs deliver an additional 30% energy; Enriched with electrolytes to support maximum hydration

- Added antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress

Taking full advantage of a culmination of recent scientific findings, The Edge® energy drink is designed to give sports people the edge in their chosen endurance sport. During strenuous sporting activity the body is subject to large energy demands, dehydration, muscle damage, free radical damage and reduced immunity.

The Edge® contains a precise combination of glucose polymers and pure crystalline fructose (HyperCarbsTM). It is an established fact that most energy drinks are limited in their ability to provide energy to the body; glucose polymers alone can only deliver a maximum of 1g of sugars per minute. However, the combination of glucose polymers and fructose has been scientifically proven to supply an extra 30% energy compared to just glucose polymers alone. Statistically speaking this could make an enormous difference to athletes during competition, in fact it could be the difference between winning or losing.

Crystal clear, ultra pure whey protein isolate (ClearProTM) is incorporated in The Edge®. This provides a secondary source of energy as well as a source of branch chain amino acids to help prevent muscle breakdown and speed recovery after exercise.

Most energy drinks only replace sodium and potassium minerals, The Edge® goes much further. When the body sweats, it loses minerals which can have a negative effect on performance; most notably magnesium, a mineral that plays a vital role in muscle function. The Edge® contains the exclusive PlasmaMaxTM mineral and electrolyte complex which replaces numerous vital minerals, trace minerals and electrolytes. PlasmaMaxTM is exclusive to Reflex Nutrition and The Edge®.

Suitable for; Vegetarians
Not Suitable for; Vegans, Coeliacs

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Nutritional Breakdown for Reflex The Edge

Each 100g Provides

14.5g Protein
79.1g Carbohydrate
0.2g Fat
0.7g Fibre
674mg Sodium

Ingredients of Reflex The Edge

HyperCarbsTM (Maltodextrin, Crystalline Fructose), ClearProTM (Whey Protein Isolate), Malic Acid, PlasmaMaxTM (Tri-Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Tri-Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Monomethionine, Manganese Aspartate, L-Selenomethionine (Selenium SeLECT®)), Natural Flavouring, Natural Colouring (Beta Carotene), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Green Tea Extract (95% Polyphenols), Artificial Sweetener (Sucralose), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Tocotrienols as DeltaGold® (35% total Tocotrienols of which 84-92% Delta-Tocotrienol, 8-16% Gamma-Tocotrienol) obtained from Annatto, LactoSpore® Probiotic Spores (Bacillus Coagulans).

Recommended Usage of Reflex The Edge

Take 1.5 level measures (approx. 25g) and mix with 330ml of water in a blender or Reflex shaker.
Customer Reviews
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  • Jon
    Overall Rating

    “ An effective and pleasant tasting (orange-sherbety) supplement. No problems with digestion before, during or after exercise. Have used it on sessions of 1-5 hours and it works well. Good stuff. Froths up when first mixed, so leave space in the bottle ”

  • Pete Thompson
    Overall Rating

    “ I received a stack of Reflex supplements earlier this year to field test while I was trying to tone up for a triathlon. I must admit that when I received the tub of Edge at first, I figured that it was just a fruit isotonic drink for consumption before and maybe during strenuous exercise. It was a good time for me to receive the supplement as I was in training for a triathlon that I had signed up for. The packaging that Reflex use is quite impressive, the bright silver label against the black coloured tub. You receive a 25G scoop within the tub and the suggested serving size is one and a half scoops with 330ML of water. I kept this for the times when I knew I would be conducting an intense cardio session, HIIT, or a brick session for any triathletes reading this. TASTE - I have never been a massive fan of pineapple, however this was quite pleasant to drink if I'm honest. I used two scoops with 400ML of water. I did not use a spoon to mix the product, I went for the old fashioned shaking of the product for approximately fifteen to twenty seconds. Upon mixing, it develops a foamy layer on top. You expect it to go down, but it doesn't. It didn't put me off consuming the product as it was just the way this particular brand reacted to shaking. A quick Google search showed me that this product also comes in an Orange Burst flavour, I couldn't comment on that as I have never tried it. MIXABILITY - Once again, a very important factor, certainly for me when I am choosing a supplement. The first thing I check is the taste and the mix-ability as the last thing you want is a lumpy texture. I am unsure what would happen to it if a spoon was used to mix it. With this product I would like to make it clear that you do not feel an explosive pump or ramping up of energy with The Edge. It does not compare in any way, to maybe a Nitric Oxide product. Reflex are very specific about the ingredients in the product and state that it is the first product to contain probiotics, to boost the immune system of athletes. I found that this product worked in a completely different way to other pre workout drinks. As I have stated above you do not get that ramping up of energy, HOWEVER when your body begins to falter, if your really pushing yourself, you do feel that your muscles are refusing to give up and you can push out that last HIIT sprint or mile out on the road. No particular sensation it's just a feeling that you can keep going. GREAT FOR ENDURANCE SPORT. ”

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Customer Questions
  • "Hi would you recommend this or maximuscle viper extream "
    Hi I would opt for the Viper extreme
  • "Is it suitable for pregnant or before it? "
    yes this will be fine. -AC-
  • "Is this product fully stim free? is it ok to use when cycling off stimulants such as NO2 ? "
    hi gareth. it contains green tea extract which is a mild stimulant. it is not as strong as caffeine but a stimulant none the less. Best regards -AC-
  • "Hi is this a BCAA product or a pre workout product ?"
    Hi Andrew, Reflex Edge is a kind of carbohydrate drink which can be taken before and during exercise. Yours in Health, Josh.
  • "What size tub does it come in from you"
    Dear Gary, this tub is 1.5kg Dave
  • "Would you recommend this to a marathon runner? I am in training for 2012 and have come across this supplment, would this suit someone like me?"
    Hi louise, It would be great for yourself in order to get the extra energy you need and also help partly with recovery too. Kind Regards Liam
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