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  1. PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ 2.25kg
    RRP £79.99
    You Save %
  2. PhD Nutrition Synergy ISO-7 2kg New Formula
    RRP £64.99
    You Save %
  3. Optimum Nutrition 100% WHEY PROTEIN 5lb
    RRP £85.99
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  4. MaxiNutrition Cyclone 1.2kg
    RRP £55.19
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  5. PhD Nutrition Diet Whey 1kg
    RRP £35.49
    You Save %
  6. CNP Pro Flapjack Bars (24 Bars)
    RRP £31.20
    You Save %
  7. PhD Nutrition Diet Whey 2kg
    RRP £67.99
    You Save %
  8. PhD Blender Cup with Wire Ball (750ml)
    RRP £5.99
    You Save %
  9. Optimum Nutrition 100% WHEY PROTEIN 10lb
    RRP £164.99
    You Save %
  10. Grenade Thermo Detonator 100 Caps
    RRP £44.99
    You Save %
  • SSN Anabolic Muscle Builder 4 kg
    4out of 5 (5 Reviews)
    You Save % RRP £63.99 £34.99 with Free GB Delivery Add to Basket
  • PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass 5.4kg free Creapure 90ct
    0out of 5 (0 Reviews)
    You Save % RRP £86.98 £49.99 with Free GB Delivery Add to Basket
  • Pure Fit Bars 15x57g
    5out of 5 (1 Reviews)
    You Save % RRP £34.99 £22.99 with Free GB Delivery Add to Basket
  • Beast Sports Nutrition Beast Whey 1.8kg LATE DATE
    0out of 5 (0 Reviews)
    You Save % RRP £75.99 £29.99 with Free GB Delivery Add to Basket
  • USN Ener-G 1kg LATE DATE
    0out of 5 (0 Reviews)
    You Save % RRP £19.99 £4.99 with Free GB Delivery Add to Basket
  • Boditronics RecoverEX 1.28kg, IntraCell 375g and Red Mist 320g
    0out of 5 (0 Reviews)
    You Save % RRP £101.96 £49.99 with Free GB Delivery Add to Basket
  • PhD Synergy ISO 7 Bar (12 bars) LATE DATE
    0out of 5 (0 Reviews)
    You Save % RRP £31.08 £8.95 with Free GB Delivery Add to Basket
  • MuscleMeds Carnivor Bar (12 Bars)
    0out of 5 (0 Reviews)
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New in the Resource

Monster Bodybuilding Supplements

Here at Monster Supplements, we aim to provide the widest range of sports supplements with the addition of health & fitness products/accessories too.

We stock the major brands from PhD Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Maximuscle, BSN, Grenade, Reflex, Millennium Sport Technologies (MST) & Myprotein plus many more.

From Bodybuilders to Endurance athletes, we've got something for everybody.


Whey protein is the number one selling sports supplement in the fitness industry today.

Keen gym goers, professional physique competitors, amateur sports men/women, professional sports men/women and everyone in between can benefit from supplementing with whey protein.

But what's so good about whey protein?

Benefits of Whey Protein:
- Contributes to the growth & maintenance of lean muscle mass
- Contributes to the maintenance of bone structure and density
- Quick & easy source of protein
- Comes in a variety of flavours
- Can be taken as a shake or add it to porridge, mix with yoghurt and even cook with it!

Some of our favourite whey protein products on Monster include the PhD Pharma Whey HT+, the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey and the Reflex Instant Whey Pro all of these are easily mixable, taste great and are very high in protein.

Fat Burners and Weight Managment

For people wanting to burn more fat over the course of the day, consider using a fat burner that can increase fat oxidation.

Products like Grenade Thermo Detonator & PhD Lean Degree have been manufactured to provide as much convenience and effectiveness using top ingredients to help you deliver results.

Fat burners can be a great addition to a weight management or weight loss plan when used in conjunction with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

Confused about which one is best for you?

Simply, try our LiveChat facility or pop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Choose Monster Supplements

We realise that bodybuilding supplements and supplements in general are a dime a dozen, but for people looking for cheap protein supplements, fat burners and everything in-between that don't want to compromise getting safe and effective results - Monster is the go to choice.

Our company ethos stemmed from the founder's idea that sports supplements were too expensive to buy on the high street, so you can rest assured that offering an affordable, high quality service is our main priority.

Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team of fitness experts prioritise helping customers to get straight to the specific products that their requirements demand. So if you are unsure of which supplements can benefit you for your goals, simply give us a call, talk to us via our LiveChat facility, submit a ticket via the "Contact Us" part of the site OR drop into one of our stores.

So, if you're looking for bodybuilding supplements, health & fitness related supplements, cheap protein or just some guidance on which products are right for you, consult Monster Supplements today!

Female Fitness

Over the years, the health and fitness industry has been predominantly marketed & focused on men.

More recently however, there has been an increase in focus on female fitness, which is great!

We're certainly on board with this and have stocked a few top brands that are specifically tailored for women such as the PhD Woman and FitMiss ranges.

There are a lot of products that can be used by both men and women of course, but if you're not sure then with these female only brands, you're safe in the knowledge that Monster Supplements has chosen a product range specifically for you.

If you need some guidance, just talk to us on the phone, LiveChat or send us a ticket. We're always happy to help!

Our Resource (Articles & More)

Over the years we've seen an explosion of products come to the market, add to that all of the information on the internet and it's easy to see how it can be tough to make a decision on the right product and where to start when it comes to working out and getting fit.

We knew we had to do something, so we created the Monster Resource

From Nutrition Tips & Tasty Recipes to Workout Programmes & Expert Advice, it's all there.

We have exclusive interviews, our fitness expert's explain and guide on a range of fitness strategies, to-the-point plans for results and much, much more!

Check it out now and check back soon as we add more valuable information to our Monster Resource.