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Here we have a guest article from Sci-MX’s awesome athlete – Beth Workman!

In this piece Beth tells us how she fits her fitness efforts around her life, check out the below piece for a day in the life of Beth Workman!


How Beth Fits Training & Nutrition Around A Career

I often get asked how do I manage to keep up with training, eating right and staying in good shape with a busy career and being on the go all day. My simple answer is that if it makes you happy you will find a way; anything is possible if you are organised and you have enough drive and determination to be the way you want to be.

At the moment I am a Specialist Teaching Assistant. I work 1 to 1 with children with behavior problems all over Cardiff and I love my job, it’s very rewarding and I Personal Train in my own time around work because I still have a passion for Fitness.

I do sometimes feel that my life is non-stop, but I don’t think I’d be happy any other way. I love being busy, and the school holidays are always much needed! Working with children is hard work albeit extremely rewarding.

I have recently changed my training to every other day. I’m finding this works best for me in relation to training results, diet and most importantly work/life balance, which I believe is the key to happiness. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday are weight training days for me. Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday are either days off or cardio at home depending on how I feel and if there are any events or holidays coming up.

The 4 weight training days are also my carb days. The other days are my non carb days.
After trying many different ways of cycling carbs, I’ve found that this works best for me. For the time being anyway. If I hit a plateau I will experiment other avenues as I always do.


A Typical Day


5.30AM Alarm

(Weight Training & Carb day)


6.30/6.45AM Alarm

Off/Cardio & Non Carb day

(Believe it or not but this is a lie in!)

Coffee/SCI-MX X-PLODE Pre workout upon awakening on training days.



Arrive at my local (and the best!) gym UFIT Cardiff.

SCI-MX BCAA INTRA HARDCORE powder to sip whilst training.


Monday: Shoulders & Glutes

Tuesday: Off/Cardio

Wednesday: Back & Chest

Thursday: Off/Cardio

Friday: Legs & Glutes

Saturday: Arms & Abs

Sunday: Off


7.10AM – Finish Training

Post training I have SCI-MX ULTRA WHEY PROTEIN, Vanilla Flavour with 30g Oats in the shake.

Non training/Cardio Days I still have Oats & Protein for breakfast, as it works best both physically and mentally for me, but they will be the only carbs I will have on an otherwise non carb day.


8.30AM – Start work


10.30AM - Break

10 Almonds (I count them out so that I don’t have to resist any urge!)

1 banana.


12PM – Lunchtime

I am usually on the go for part of lunchtime because I am in different schools morning and afternoon, so preparation is key for me.

On a carb day I have already prepared either a portion of rice cooked in coconut milk, or potatoes.

Along with some protein, usually fish, eggs or chicken and an avocado.

On a non-carb day I will have a tub of cottage cheese or some fish with greens and an avocado.


3.30PM – Finish Work


4PM to 6PM – These hours are when I would train a PT client


6PM – Evening Meal

Meat or Fish with greens, carbs again on a carb day, more veg instead on the carb free days.



GRS 9-HOUR PROTEIN Slow releasing Protein by SCI-MX, in Strawberry or Chocolate flavour.


9.30 to 10PM

I aim for an early night on a school night to get a good quality 8 hour sleep. This doesn’t always happen of course, but this is what I aim for.

With most meals I take SCI-MX TRI OMEGA EFA Fish Oils and plenty of vitamins.

To many people this diet would probably seem bland and boring, but I’ve eaten this way for so long since competing, that it’s become normal to me now and I love it.

My boyfriend has also eaten this way since before we met, so it’s even easier to keep to it because we both eat the same (apart from the portion size), plus there are days when he keeps me on the straight and narrow, and vice versa.

But we are only human at the end of the day. I relax a little on the weekend, some weekends more than others, and I definitely eat a lot on holidays! We take holidays regularly because it’s what we like to do most. It gives us a focus in life/work, and it certainly helps with training motivation. You can’t physically and mentally function this way all year as I’ve outlined, so breaks/holidays or special occasions are just as important.

I could talk all day about what I like to eat on a ‘relaxed/cheat’ day shall we say. A healthy cheat would be Fajitas or Beans on Toast with Cheese. The really BAD things I love are Chinese food, Donuts, Cookies & Ice Cream; probably the worst things you could have so they have to be well earned!

We are planning a road trip through California soon. Americans are big on food so I can’t wait for this. I will be taking regular trips to Muscle Beach Gym or any other gym nearby to maintain shape though!

And that is a typical day of working, training and nutrition for me – around my career.

On a side note, I rarely drink alcohol these days. Once in a while I have a big night out with my girlfriends or boyfriend, I drink whilst on holidays and maybe the odd glass of wine at home on a Saturday night. My party animal days are behind me; I’m old, healthy & boring now, and want different things out of life and am happier than I’ve ever been! :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading an insight into my typical day.



You can follow Beth on Twitter





I used to think that once I’d had children I could kiss good bye to feeling confident in a bikini ever again. I read articles about how much harder it is to get in shape after having a baby, people told me it damages your body specifically your stomach beyond repair.

That your body shape changes and you get cellulite and stretch marks and that there was nothing I could do about it!

Well for some girls that’s enough to put you off motherhood all together… but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, from someone who has been there done that, I can clear up a little of the uncertainty with the following Myths Vs Facts:



My body will never be as good after having children.


Your body will go through lots of changes during pregnancy, you put on weight, your abs separate and your ligaments loosen. And don’t get me wrong it doesn’t all go back to normal over night. But it’s very possible to get a great figure even after you’ve had kids. I know plenty of mums who train and actually say their figure is better now that before they had kids (me included).



If you have a big baby or C-section/difficult labour you can kiss good bye to your chances of ever having abs.


Your size, your babies size, the type of labour doesn’t affect your ability to get back in shape after having kids. I put on 3 stone during pregnancy, my little girl weighed 9lb 6oz when she was born and that was after 42 hours of labour and an emergency C-section.



I’m pregnant so it’s ok to “eat for two”


If you eat more calories than you burn you will put on body fat, simple as that! When you’re pregnant you do burn more calories than normal, you are growing another little human after all. But your baby needs good nutrition, if you’re not eating it, your baby will take what it needs from your body which is why pregnant women are more likely to suffer from vitamin & mineral deficiency’s if they have a poor diet. I craved all sorts during pregnancy, some healthy things some not so much, you do have to listen to your body but don’t use it as an excuse to gorge yourself as you’ll only have to work harder to get back in shape afterwards.



I won’t have time to work out when I’m a mum.


Yes kids/babies are time consuming, but an hour’s workout is 4% of your day… look at how much time you spend watching TV, browsing the internet or doing other non-essential time consuming activities per week… it’s committing the time regularly to doing something that is potentially going to make you feel uncomfortable that is the problem. You’ve had a busy day, you’re tired, do you really want to go and sweat it out in the gym?

Probably not, but look at the long term goal, focus on what you want to achieve. Working out is a great stress relief and once it’s done you’ll be a hell of a lot more glad you did it that if you didn’t. Once you get into a routine you’ll be surprised at how addictive it becomes, because like bad habits your body will also become accustomed to good habits… make exercise one of them and enjoy the results.



So the moral of the story is… Being a mum is no excuse for not achieving your fitness goals. 9 months of pregnancy followed by labour and parenthood… that’s the hard part. Working out a few times per week is nothing in comparison… Be Fit, be healthy, be happy, it’s a great example to set your kids!





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In this article Chris Brodie goes over what to look for in a Pre-Workout formula…


Pre-workout cocktail to MAXIMISE performance!



As a Guru and advisor at Monster I often get asked “What is the best pre-workout?”. Although this is a broad question it is definitely something you should be asking yourself if you want to perform at your best!

I would break pre-workout nutrition down into 2 intakes or feedings. The 1st being your pre-workout meal eaten around 90 minutes pre-workout. The 2nd being a drink, taken about 20 minutes before exercise. I believe both are essential. I am going got try and give you some key points to consider when choosing the best immediate pre-workout supplement/supplements when shopping online.


People tend to want different things from their pre-workout drink but here are the bases I would want covered, I would want a supplement to provide:



Mental stimulation and focus



Raw energy for exercise



Anti-catabolic and muscle building agents



Increased fat burning




In a ideal world it would be great to be able to buy one product that would not only cover these bases, but also maximise the benefits from each. However I have found that by combining several supplements which excel in each individual area to be the best for performance overall based on effective doses of the key ingredients.


So let’s get in the zone!


For mental stimulation, focus and fat burning you are going to need to look out for caffeine, bitter orange peel and vitamin B6 & 12 complex, which are my big top 4 ingredients! Caffeine is a very common stimulant found in pre-workout drinks, around 250-300mg per serving I find to be optimal. Bitter orange peel is perhaps a less well known ingredient but contains several metabolites similar to ephedrine (a very strong stimulant). The vitamins B6 & B12 aid in the production of serotonin and the conversion of fats to carbohydrates. I have found the best products on the market for this are:



critical workout










Raw energy is going to come from carbohydrates and creatine.


To keep cost low and this aspect simple, I use a combination of dextrose and creatine monohydrate, and have found the MyProtein Dextrose and PhD creatine to do just that:





















Anti-catabolic agents for me are paramount!

High intensity training means huge damands are put on the body for energy and we need to make sure we have the right compounds to make sure we preserve as much muscle tissue as possible. Now people wil argue that glutamine and HMB are worth a mention in this section but I stick to a BCAA powder (leucine, iso-leucine and valine) and top this up with a separate pure leucine powder. The reason for this being that I am trying to home in and super dose the most effective compounds for a better result. Overall sticking to these maximises increased protein metabolism.




















So there you go!


By combining a serving of each into your pre-workout drink you not only have something that covers all your bases but something that’s going to make sure you perform at you best every time!


Chris Brodie Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBconditioning101

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrodelVanBerry

Instagram: http://instagram.com/bro_van_b3rry


Photography Credit: https://www.facebook.com/JackGrayPhotography







Raw Supps have burst onto the supplement seen in the Hull and East Riding region bringing some new and innovative products to the market.

Raw Supps gained some serious momentum when they teamed up with the number 1 strength and conditioning company in the county, Latus Training, and exposed their cutting edge products to the elite athletes on the Latus Training program, such as Olympic Gold Medallist boxer Luke Campbell and Hull FC power-house Micky Paea. With professional athletes such as these guys using and loving the products the hype surrounding Raw Supps is growing fast.

Micky Paea

Micky Paea

Raw Supps was created to produce products with research backed nutrients at effective quantities. Frustrated by the number of products in the industry that contain only token quantities of beneficial nutrients, the product developers at Raw Supps set about designing the highest quality cutting edge supplements which truly work.

Jack Latus, coach at Latus Training and the guy responsible for keeping Luke Campbell in great shape every time he steps in the ring, said

“Our athletes have made great gains on the CH40 Workout Fuel. We seem to be able to push them harder and harder every time they come to the gym yet they are recovering faster than ever. I guess that is down to the high amounts of Peptopro and L-leucine in the formula leading to rapid muscle protein regeneration. Micky in particular has been a big advocate for the CH40 with a number of the other Hull FC players jumping on the Raw Supps band wagon.”

Currently available in the Raw Supps product range are the following supplements: CH40 Workout Fuel, Raw Define, Raw Greens Extreme, Raw Whey and 1 litre Nalgene shakers.

Check Out The Full Range Here


CH40 Workout Fuel

Popular amongst top athletes and gym goers who aim to push themselves every time they enter the gym, contains Peptopro, the fastest absorbed protein source available, L-leucine, creatine pyruvate, beta alanine and citruline malate. CH40 is arguably the most effective intra-workout formula available on the market today…


Get All The Info On CH40 By Clicking Here


Raw Define

A nutrient repartitioning fat metaboliser designed to improve body composition by combining 4 nutrients which have been shown to reduce body fat levels and increase the body’s ability to channel nutrients to the muscle cell through activation of receptor sites in the muscle. Raw Define is the only fat burner containing tetradecylthioacetic acid (TTA) available…

raw define

Find Out More About The benefits of Raw Define Here

Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell

Raw Greens Extreme

Raw Greens Extreme contains 11 super greens, probiotics for gut health and caffeine for increased focus. Raw greens is the perfect way to kick start your day or can be consumed for a healthy pick me up in the afternoon or pre workout…

raw greens

Read about Raw Greens Extreme Here


Raw Whey

Raw Whey is an 80% whey protein concentrate derived from vegetarian sweet cheese which is membrane filtered and dried at the lowest temperatures and pressures possible to produce the highest quality whey protein available. Raw Whey has a superior amino acid protein and is available in a number of delicious flavours…

raw whey

Choose Your Flavour Here

Raw Supps Shaker

The Raw Nalgene Shakers will stand out in any gym environment with their unique design and colours. The major benefit of the Raw Supps Shaker is that they are BPA free meaning that the bottle does not leach toxins into your drinks as other plastic bottles and shakers do.


Check out the Raw Supps shaker and stand out from the crowd




Overall, we’re really pleased with the new Raw Supps brand here on Monster.

We’ve had some great feedback already and we’re looking forward to hearing more!

Fat loss is a subject that so many people want to know more about.

In article I go over some of the principles of fat loss that I’ve learnt over the years!

Let’s get into the principles of fat loss, starting with Cardio!…



Losing body fat and getting your physique into optimal shape will most defiantly require some form of aerobic activity. Aerobic activity is the chosen form of cardio for a lot of people with fat loss goals as fat is used as the primary source of fuel during this activity. This is because the body has greater fat stores compared to protein and carbohydrates, which makes it the body’s preference to fuel longer periods of activity.

In the past it has been said that exercising within the 50%-75% max heart rate bracket will burn the most actual fat. Researchers suggest now that aerobic activity that enables you to sustain a heart rate of 75% or more for a sustained period of time will burn more fat overall. As long as the exercise is performed within the aerobic zone (using oxygen), and does not become anaerobic where you will be using carbohydrates for fuel instead of oxygen, the higher the intensity the better. So, low intensity aerobics performed in the 50%-75% MHR bracket will burn actual fat as the fat is used for fuel. High intensity aerobics performed in the 75%-85% MHR bracket will burn more calories overall resulting in fewer calories stored from fat.

There are various ways of calculating your Max Heart Rate, the simplest method is to subtract your age from 220.



How? When? What?

Typical examples of aerobics include walking, cycling and swimming. The optimal timing for cardio with fat loss as a primary goal is first thing in the morning, this is because insulin levels are at their lowest which is prime time for fat loss. It also ensures you’re less likely to use any food you may have eaten beforehand as a primar

y energy source. If your lifestyle does not permit this then the alternative is to do your cardio after a weight training session.

A typical example of myday’s cardio would be 45mins steady on the Stairmaster, or incline walking for 45mins on treadmill. The times may vary depending on my current goals.



HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is another effective way to burn body fat. HIIT is hard, it even sounds hard, but it takes a lot less time to complete and has other benefits low intensity training doesn’t.


Frequent low intensity aerobics will cause you to burn fat, but over time the body will adapt and will actually try to conserve calories. You can overcome this by incorporating HIIT, as the intensity is varied the body cannot adapt.

HIIT is perfect for increasing your metabolic rate and increasing insulin sensitivity, which both play a massive part in fat loss.


Weight Training

Weight training is imperative for fat loss for many reasons. The total number of calories burned during a weight training session will be more than any cardio session done for the same amount of time. Heavy/high intensity resistance training will keep your metabolic rate heightened for an extended period of time. You must weight train to retain muscle mass, the last thing you want is to waste away to a shadow of your former self from doing lots of cardio and being in a caloric deficit. Heavy weight training will not only keep your strong but make sure you hold onto that hard earned lean body mass.

When dieting for fat loss the most common mistake people make is trying to turn their weight training sessions into fat burning sessions. They adopt high / rep light weight style training thinking it will burn more calories. The only thing this will achieve is a massive loss in strength. You must incorporate strength training into your workouts to keep your muscles looking full and dense, keep rest periods to a minimum and the intensity high. Sessions shouldn’t last and longer than 45mins, training longer than this whilst in a caloric deficit can be detrimental to your goals.



It is of upmost importance to diet as slow as possible, so if you are dieting for an occasion, competition a holiday or whatever it may be you need to give yourself as much time as possible. The longer you diet and less drastic the calorie restriction will determine how much lean body mass you hold onto while dieting. Aim to lose around 1 to 1.5lbs of body weight a week to ensure you keep those gains. Obviously everyone is different so take into consideration your body type, if you are naturally an ectomorph and have an easy time losing weight then you will be able to diet for a lesser period of time than a person who is an endomorph and has a hard time losing weight.



Protein is the key micronutrient we need when dieting and want to retain muscle. The protein we eat is broken down into amino acids during digestion. These amino acids are released into the bloodstream where they are taken up by the muscle cells. Having a constant supply of amino acids to allows protein synthesis to occur, this is the process that allows us to retain or gain muscle. Regular protein intake every 2-3hrs also has a thermogenic effect on the body, which is very advantageous to us while were trying to lose body fat.



Carbohydrates, like protein, can also be very muscle sparing if controlled in the right way. A ketogentic diet is a very effective way of losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time, however, a lot of that weight will be hard earned muscle tissue. Given that you have gave yourself ample time to diet like previously mentioned, you should not need to completely drop out carbs. You can reduce your carb intake but keep them high enough to ensure you utilize their muscle sparing properties. Carbohydrates are also useful because they produce insulin release, yes when insulin levels are low fat burning is optimized, but its insulin’s anabolic/anti-catabolic affects that are most useful to us. As a further muscle sparing tool, insulin also prevents the release of cortisol, which is one of the body most catabolic hormones.

As we know, the body stored carbs in the muscle cell as glycogen. For every gram of glycogen the body stores 2.7g of water. As you can see, this indicated that the greater the glycogen levels the greater cell volume. When the cells are of large volume protein synthesis will be increased and the body will produce greater amounts of fat burning and anabolic hormones. When cells are depleted the opposite will take place and protein synthes

oolive oil

is will decrease.



Fat intake while dieting is quite a controversial topic and there is no definitive answer is to what kind of fat intake is optimal, again it has a lot to do with body type, length of diet and how much weight you need to lose. Fats are good for testosterone production which is key when trying to preserve muscle. However, fats are very calorie dense so they leave less space in your diet for protein and carbs. They are also very easily stored as body fat, so you must find some sort of compromise between ingesting enough for hormone maintenance and dropping them enough to reduce body fat.



First of all it needs to be stated that there is no magic pill you can take to burn away fat. Fat loss comes from being consistent with a structured training and nutrition plan. Having said that, if the previously mentioned is all in order, there are some very good entirely legal supplements on the market that contain ingredients with extensive research to prove they will help your body burn fat more efficiently. A fat loss supplement could be all you need to take your physique from shredded to looking like you’re wearing your skin inside out.

Fat loss supplements are commonly known as thermogenics. The term thermogenic comes from its ability to raise the body’s temperature through metabolic rate, in turn burning more calories. A good thermogenic can keep you in a calorie deficient state which is imperative for fat burning.

There are very affective stimulant free fat burners available, however, if you are hitting cardio first thing on a morning a stimulant can be a very effective tool to get you woken up, focused and In the zone to nail your session. The stimulant will normally be in the form of caffeine. Caffeine is the main ingredient in most fat burners as it yield’s the most benefit. Increasing calories burned, reducing fatigue, increasing muscle strength and suppressing hunger being just a few. Other good thermogenics could come in the form of green tea extract, Capsaicin and Synephrine.

Another function you want your pill of power to have is to aid lipolysis, this basically means it aids in releasing fat from the body’s fat cells. By removing the fat from the fat cells, it can be burned as fuel causing the fat cells to shrink. Caffeine again is very good at this along with, yohimbine, CLA and forskolin. Once the fat is freed up it we need to burn it off, this is where another supplement called carnitine comes in. Carnitine helps to transport the freed-up fat into the mitochondria of cells, such as muscle cells. The mitochondria are basically microscopic furnaces that burn up fat as fuel. Choosing a supplement that combines these ingredients or supplementing each one individually with a tailored exercise and nutrition plan will definitely have you well on your way to achieving the aesthetic look you’re striving for.


Products I Use

Weight Management Systems T6

Click Here


Gaspari Carnipure

Click Here

dan walls carnipure

In a category full of ‘proprietary blends’, Reflex nutrition bring us Muscle Bomb with absolute transparency about the ingredients and packing quite a punch.


Ty Ogedegbe

What’s The Lowdown?

Muscle Bomb delivers mega doses of key ingredients to deliver what is possibly the highest spec pre-workout formula on the market.

Key Ingredients Per 30g Double Serving

– 8g Citruline Malate

– 3.2g Beta Alanine

– 7g BCAA

– 2g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

– 2.6g Betaine Anhyrous


What did we think of Reflex’s Muscle Bomb?

The specifications of Muscle Bomb are really impressive, delivering all the key ingredients in mega doses.

Plus we liked that fact that the Muscle Bomb has been sweetened with Stevia!



The label advises that you take Muscle Bomb 30-40 minutes prior to your workout but the beta alanine could be felt within the first 10 minute or so. By the time the workout began 20 minutes later, we found ourselves energised and ready to train.  The 250mg of Caffeine per double serving gave us plenty of focus and intensity without feeling over stimulated – just right to be honest!


Ben Mudge

It was chest and triceps day in the gym and during our warm up of cable cross overs we really experienced the mind muscle connection & a serious pump! If you’ve not taken something like this before, you’ll be in for a welcome surprise!

Anyway, by the time our warm up sets were over we were seriously pumped and ready to attack our workout!

The take home message is that the Muscle Bomb delivers a constant stream of quality focus without a crash.




Explosive Energy and Performance

The intensity of the workout using Muscle Bomb was fantastic, the combination of ingredients such as Beta Alanine, Citrulline and Betaine (in the doses backed by the research) helped us increase our by intensity taking shorter rest periods and helping us drive through quite a high volume workout experiencing an awesome pump, plus the benefits of the BCAAs (good if you’re training first thing in the morning).


Taste &Mixability

You should tread carefully when mixing Muscle Bomb, it mixes very well and does not require vigorous shaking – in fact pressure build up from too much shaking can be ‘explosive’. We have experienced this with other high end pre workout formulas and may be down to the  Sodium Bicarbonate which has been added for both performance and enhancing the mixability of all these ingredients. Taste wise, we had the grapefruit which was refreshing , especially considering the potent ingredients within the formula which without flavouring don’t taste great to say the least!


Adey Dent – World Champion Masters Cycling



Muscle Bomb is an extremely high spec and potent pre-workout formula that bucks the trend of stimulant heavy proprietary blends. If you’re looking for a product that delivers in terms of ingredients and performance , look no further.








 To Check Out the Muscle Bomb

Click Here



Here we have an overview of the NEW PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass weight gainer by Chris Brodie, one of the Monster Supplements experts who helps people reach their goals using his knowledge and know-how on a daily basis!



“Heads up to all the HARD GAINERS and serious MASS ADDICTS!”


During these cold months it’s time to lock ourselves up, pack in the calories and add some size! Now is the time to make the changes we need to improve our physiques for the following year. Back at the start of my bodybuilding journey I started out a 10 stone wet through teenager and a top all time hardgainer I knew the best way forward was CALORIES CALORIES CALORIES! My diet and nutritional knowledge was progressing but I needed that little extra something to help me recover and get me into that surplus I needed to add size, for me all this would have been perfect….

Now in addition to tasting delicious tasting and mixing smoothly it has some truly key product highlights in my eyes, when choosing a high calorie gainer:

  • 4 stage protein blend to make sure you get that instant fix of protein you need, then drip fed slow digesting proteins and amino’s to keep you anabolic for hours to come


  • 3 stage carbohydrate delivery/recovery system designed to shuttle the vital ingredients straight into the muscle by unlocking transport proteins within the muscles cell membranes, whilst also replenish glycogen (stored carbohydrate for energy)


  • 5g of creatine for muscular performance by providing the essential raw materials for ATP re-synthesis. Additionally increasing water retention in the muscle improving muscle hydration.


  • Zinc & magnesium for optimum hormonal balance and improved testosterone levels, infact when combined with Vitamin B-6 it has shown a increase 43.7% higher testosterone levels and 25% greater IGF-1 levels in trained individuals


But it doesn’t just stop there, let’s talk numbers! With over a staggering 50g of protein, 193g of carbohydrates per serving as well as 15g of MCT’s from coconut oil it’s going to satisfy any need you have for extra calories!




How do I know if the Advanced MASS is the product for me?

If you struggle to put on weight or recover between sessions and have used products before like O.N Serious Mass, USN Muscle fuel anabolic or Reflex One stop extreme but want to step things up this is 100% for you!


So when is the best time to use the Advanced MASS?

I take 1 x 300g serving with water immediately post workout and another between my mid-morning and early afternoon meals.

If you are serious about size you are able to get your very own tub of Advanced MASS here from MonsterSupplements.com!




Resource Main Picture

For PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass Click The Links Below!

PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass 2.7kg

PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass 5.4kg



Chris Brodie Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBconditioning101

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrodelVanBerry

Instagram: http://instagram.com/cb_conditioning



Check out this guest article from the Protein Chef, featuring the ‘Jaffa Cake’ Muscle Mousse Cheesecake recipe!


With its crumbly biscuit base, sweet and creamy cheesecake filling and orange jelly and chocolate topping, this ‘Jaffa Cake’ Muscle Mousse cheesecake tastes like it should be loaded with fat and calories.

But with no added sugar, only 290 calories and a whopping 26.5g of a blend of high quality protein sources per slice you can enjoy a slice everyday!

Protein Chef

Muscle Mousse is the perfect, high protein product to cook with and the combination of whey, milk and egg protein sources not only gives the cake a great flavour and texture but also provides your hard working muscles with a tapered release of protein and amino acids.




500g plain quark
500g extra low fat cream cheese

4 scoops Muscle Mousse chocolate
200g chocolate oat cakes

2 tablespoons sugar free chocolate sauce
1 orange


1 sachet sugar free orange jelly

50g dark chocolate



Preheat the oven to 180’c

Place the biscuits in a blender and blend until finely crushed. Pour into a bowl and add the sugar free chocolate sauce to the biscuits and stir until fully coated. Grate in the zest of half of the orange and stir. Pour the mixture into an 8inch loose bottomed cake tin and press the mixture down as tightly as you can.

Cake done

In a separate bowl mix together the quark, cream cheese and Muscle Mousse. Beat it as hard as you can to ensure there are no lumps of powder.

Tip the cheesecake mixture on top of the biscuit base and level out.

Bake for 30 mins. The top should not colour too much, if it does turn the oven down slightly. You still want the middle of your cheesecake to ‘wobble’ when you take it out, don’t wait until it is fully set as it will set further once it is chilled.

Remove from the oven and allow the cheesecake to come to room temperature before chilling in the fridge overnight.

Prepare the jelly mixture and allow it cool in the fridge until it just begins to set. Pour the jelly on top of the cheesecake without letting it spill over the sides. Put it back in the fridge until fully set.

Melt the chocolate over a pan of hot water. Once the chocolate is melted pour it over the jelly layer and spread it out with the back of a spoon.

Chill in the fridge until the chocolate sets then it’s ready to eat!




Whole cheesecake

Calories – 2,327

Protein – 212g

Carbs – 210g

(of which sugar) – 76g

Fat – 69g

(of which sat fat) – 20g


Per slice (8 slices)

Calories – 290

Protein – 26.5g

Carbs – 26g

(of which sugar) – 9.5g

Fat – 8.6g

(of which sat fat) – 2.5g



If you like this recipe, check out The Cheesecake Factory page on my site for more Muscle Mousse inspired recipe




Click The Image Below To Get Your Muscle Mousse!

muscle moussee

What more could you want than a protruding posterior, after all “shows are won from the back” as the saying goes. Your back, like your legs, covers a huge part of your body, if this is a weak area for you there is no hiding it on stage. However, if you have big drooping wide lats with a prominent lumbar Christmas tree and huge dense slabs of traps on top of traps, then no doubt you will enjoy hearing the crowd gasp and cheers as you hit your back shots.

Building a beast of a back is not going to be easy, you need to attack your workouts with as heavy weights as possible while maintaining a strong position throughout. Every back exercise calls for chest up, back arched and bum out form enabling you to be able to contract your back muscles properly. As I do with most of my training, I like to keep it simple and focus on what works. For back training it’s as simple as pulling heavy things down from above your head or pulling heavy things towards you, so here’s how it goes.


Single Arm Pull Downs

As I do with all of my workouts – I incorporate isolateral exercises. With this exercise you can start light ensuring the lats are fully warmed up before nailing them with 1 or 2 working sets. This machine allows for a good squeeze at peak contraction so you can really feel the lower lat nipping at the bottom, it also allows you to get a full stretch at the extended position whilst maintaining correct form. If you don’t have access to this machine in your gym then this can be done on a lat pull down machine with a single handle or you could you use any bar which enables you to have a supinated grip.



Bent Over Row

In this variation I’m using an EZ bar with an under hand grip, you can use any kind of bar you want with any grip you want, through various angles to hit specific parts of your back. The position of your elbows relative to your torso dictates which area of the back you will hit with the given exercise. Reverse grip and close grip exercises in which your elbows stay in close will target the lower lat, wide grip over hand rowing movements will target the upper lats, rhomboids and traps.



 Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Another isolateral exercise I love to use to hammer the lats is the single arm dumbbell row. You can really shift some weight with this one and feel your lats fill up with blood. It’s key to fully extend and stretch the lat as much as possible then row the dumbbell back into your waist, while maintaining that slightly arched back.


Rack Deadlifts

I choose deadlifting off the rack mainly because it takes your legs out of the movement, when I’m training back I want to train just my back and no other major muscle group. However if I’m training somewhere there is no rack I will do these from the floor as they are a key exercise for back thickness. I will normally do these on the week I’m not doing free bar squats as they are both very taxing on the lower back when shifting heavy weight. Form is key here as rounding of your back could lead to major injury. Again 2-3 warm up sets and then one all out heavy set plus a drop set is normally how I roll on deadlifts.


Deadlift 01        Deadlift02


 High Cable Row

With this exercise I’m using an EZ style bar attached to the row machine with an over hand wide grip to target the upper lats, traps and rhomboids with some rear delts in there too. I like to finish with these after all the heavy stuff to really fill the upper back and traps with blood. I aim for around 15-20reps, I like to execute these nice and slow, bringing the bar to my lower chest with the elbows out and holding the contraction for a second or two.

In this variation I’m using an EZ bar with a under hand grip, you can use any kind of bar you want with any grip you want, through various angles to hit specific parts of your back. The position of your elbows relative to your torso dictates which area of the back you will hit with the given exercise. Reverse grip and close grip exercises in which your elbows stay in close will target the lower lat, wide grip over hand rowing movements will target the upper lats, rhomboids and traps.

High Row 1


Give these exercises a go and really commit to the workout, over time you’ll be able to make some real progress!



How to Make the Most of Your Off Season – by Flex Lewis, 3 x Mr Olympia 212 and Team BSN Athlete

The Welsh Dragon and three times Mr Olympia 212 Flew Lewis shares his best advice for making those off-season gains – because #SizeMatters


1.      Get a training plan and stick to it

One of the biggest mistakes people make is having no structure to their training plan. With so many on the market it can be difficult to decide, but do your research, pick one and stick to it – results takes time.

2.      Get in and get out of the gym

The longer you train, the more you gain – WRONG. Workouts should last no more than 45-60 minutes, any longer and you will just be causing muscle break-down. Train smarter, not harder.

3.      Train with your head not with your ego

I see guys in the gym too often pick up weights that are too heavy – pick a weight that challenges you but allows you to perform the full set, full rep and really get the motion of the exercise you are trying to perform. This is how you will earn serious results.

4.      Knowledge is power

Read, research and try… it’s the only way you will learn what works best for you. BUT don’t stop before you’ve seen it through. Things don’t happen instantly so give it a chance to work.

5.      Use a training & food diary

If you’re starting out then this is a great way to keep you accountable and allow you to see how you are progressing. It’s a good idea to keep account of your weight/measurements, food and training, including the weights you use.

Seeing your progression is an awesome way to keep you motivated.

If you’re a more advanced athlete, this is a great way to see where you made the best gains.

6.      Consider a coach

If you’re seriously thinking about competing or have a goal you want to hit within a set time then you can’t beat having a coach. Look for a coach with a good-track record and who specializes in your goal purpose.Flex In Article

7.      Eat.

It’s not only about getting enough calories, it’s about eating the right ones. To gain size, you have to have surplus calories so you can grow. But that doesn’t give you the right to eat rubbish – if you eat the wrong type of calories your physique will show it. Meal timing + quality calories = quality gains.

8.      Positive mind set.

I’m a massive believer that the mind has a massive connection to growing and your ability to recover – I really believe you grow when you’re happy, so that said, stay as stress free as possible and enjoy the ride.

9.    Get your eight hours and try napping

We all know that sleep is the key to growth, it stimulates the production of growth hormone and protein synthesis, so don’t sacrifice on your quality eight hours – even try and squeeze in naps where possible to really maximize those gains.

10.    Get used to rest days

People think the more I train, the more gains I’ll make – far from it! Your body needs to repair from all your hard hours in the gym – and when does it achieve the most? On your DAY OFF!





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Flex Lewis

With a nickname that couldn’t be more fitting for a bodybuilder, it surprises fans to learn that ‘Flex’ originated on the rugby pitch instead of the weight room.

Flex Lewis was noted for flexibility during his years playing elite level rugby in his native Wales. Rugby also introduced Flex to weight training for increasing power movements. One day in the gym, a local bodybuilder named Steve Naylor suggested that his physique had pro bodybuilder potential. After a year of training with him, Flex won the Junior Mr. Wales title at his first competition.

At that event, Flex met IFBB Pro Neil Hill who convinced him to adopt his diet and training program. Flex won the Junior Mr. Britain title four weeks later.

After establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on stage in UK events, Flex headed to the U.S. where he trained at Gold’s Venice and Milos Sarcev’s Kolosseum Gym.

In 2014 Flex achieved the inconceivable when he went onto become three-time winner of Mr. Olympia 212 and 1st champion of the Arnold Classic 212 as a BSN athlete.

Flex personifies BSN’s FINISH FIRST™ commitment and is recognized as possessing the world’s greatest 212 physique.



Check Out How To Build Muscle in the Below Video with Flex!








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