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After losing a lot of weight, getting addicted to the gym and seeing great changes in my body, I decided to set my self the ultimate goal of getting on a stage to compete.

I wanted to choose a federation and work hard to achieve the goal of a competitor.

After asking around many people in the industry and looking into many different federations, what they’re about and what their competitions consist of I decided to go for the world beauty and fitness federation – WBFF.

Abby Pell

Abby Pell

The main reasons for this is because its got an excellent reputation and is an extremely glamourous show, with high quality  competitors – and  it’s very similar to a beauty pageant.

The reason for this is because I have a lot of experience in pageants and on modelling catwalks so this competition would be ideal for me, plus it’ll give me a huge push to be the best I can be.

The girls who compete in WBFF are truly stunning, I have a few girls I really look up to and are an inspiration to push me harder.


Claire Aves

In the white is my friend Claire Aves she competed in the diva fitness category and placed 3rd in last weeks WBFF show. She also placed 2nd last year in her very first competition. She is an inspiration.

In red is a fellow Monster Ambassador Abby Pell, Abby competed in the diva bikini category and placed 4th In last weeks WBFF. Abby was head to toe glamour and looked amazing.




One of the things I love about WBFF is that they judge you on overall appearance and confidence, they take into account your whole appearance, hair, make-up, tan, bikini, stage presence and skin tone.

They call the female rounds ‘diva’ and on their web page have this statement

“A diva is a great or famous woman. A female deity. 2. A woman who is adored, especially for her beauty. ‘Diva” is the Italian word for “goddess” the feminine form of the Italian word divus (= “GOD”)”


Categories in WBFF


Diva Fitness

This category is more muscular with clear separation and definition of muscles.

There are 2 rounds, bikini 2 piece and theme round which consists of a glamour a theme such as show girl, Victoria secret style etc.



Diva Bikini

This category is less muscular, softer and generally thinner appearance, although extremely lean and toned, muscle separation is less visible and abs not as defined.

There are also 2rounds, bikini 2 piece and evening gown.


Although I love the idea of the theme round in diva fitness, at the moment I have chosen diva bikini. I think I would suit a softer appearance and my frame would suit this look better with me being short.

Although I will have to see how my body changes over the next few months.


The Show

WBFF UK shows are typically June and November each year at the prestigious O2 arena in London.

After watching many YouTube videos and photos I decided to go and watch the November show to get a real feel for the show. I was lucky enough to get 2nd row tickets and had a great view.


As soon as all the girls came out in their bikinis, I had goose pimples thinking that will hopefully be me next time!

The standard was very very high and made me really focused and put into action what is ahead for me.


What Now?

Now I know where I need to be and what I’m aiming for – I’ve seen the high standard and what’s in store.

I’m hopefully aiming for the June 2015 competition, therefore have 6 months of hard work and dedication!

It’s a very long and hard process, not just gym and food prep, but all aspects from posing training, bikini planning, comp prep and planning the 12 and 4 weeks core comp plan.

If I am not ready for June I will enter in November, however feel with the right guidance and support, and 6 months of hard work I will be on that stage in the best shape I can be.

I’ve now started with a new trainer Kate Michalkova,  whom herself is competitor and placed in many comps.

My next BLOG will be about how my new trainer has changed my routine from new work outs and diet to planning and prepping me. I think working with a female competitor is a great idea for me and helps me focus more to achieve my goal.

My name is Karlos Vemola and I’m a Garnell Nutrition sponsored athlete.

My sport is CAGE FIGHTING and the pinnacle of my career was becoming a UFC fighter.

Here I’ve put together a typical training day to give you an idea of how I push myself hard through my intense training in preparation for a big fight.

It is a tough sport, and to be the best I have to train and eat like any other athlete.

I have relied upon Garnell Nutrition for over 5 years!

As you can see, I have a very heavily supplemented diet, this is to allow me maximum recovery during my packed daily schedule.


A Typical Day


Oats in water with 2 scoops of GN’s High Performance Whey protein with added mixed berries

6 x BCAA’s, teaspoon of Creatine and L-Glutamine



6 x BCAA’s, teaspoon of L-Glutamine

WEIGHT TRAINING SESSION: High rep low weights and low reps and high weights (all in the same session).

I train 1 muscle group per day over 5 days, just as a bodybuilder would.

Post training shake, Garnell Anabolic Mass, 2 scoops in water.


Resource In Article Pictures



Chicken breast, Rice and Vegetables

1 x Bromelain capsule (digestive enzyme)



6 x BCAA’s before I start my workout

I do an hour and a half of sparring work in an MMA Boxing ring.

Once I’ve finished I take another 6 BCAA’s and a teaspoon of L-Glutamine.



2 scoops of GN’s Anabolic Mass



1 x Bromelain capsule (digestive enzyme)

Steak, vegetables and potato



6 x BCAA’s

Fighting technique training (going over and correcting the mistakes I made in my sparring session at 2.30)

In this session I also do strength and conditional training.

Post workout shake, 1 x scoop of GN Anabolic Mass.



Fish with rice and vegetables



GN’s High Performance Whey shake with semi skimmed milk.



The consistency of my training, diet and quality of supplementation is what gives me the edge.


And this edge is what makes me achieve!









Gains! Gains! Gains!

If I gained 1 pound of muscle for every time I read, or heard someone mention some kind of gains they are currently inducing from some random food type, I would be walking around like Dorian Yates at the 1996 German Grand Prix. However, bodybuilding is our chosen sport and gains are what we’re about. Muscle gain that is, not fat gain or water gain. Can we make gains eating cereal…… maybe!!


So how do we know if we are actually gaining muscle and not just fat? There are a couple of ways of doing this, if you are a competitive bodybuilder you will more than likely diet for a show tracking your weight and maybe body fat on a weekly basis, have an offseason, and then when you diet again you can compare measurements from the previous time you have dieted. Another way to track your gains is by calculating your LBM (lean body mass) and keeping track of this over time.

In reality, gaining 1lb of muscle is a lot harder than people think. Yes some people may be able to gain muscle easier than others through various genetic factors, but for 99% of us mere mortals muscle gain is a tough job. To most seasoned professionals a weight gain of 2-3lbs would be a very good offseason achievement. In this article I will cover some ways we can maximise our muscle building potential.


Intra Workout Nutrition

It is imperative that we take in the optimal fuel sources for our body around workout time. This will ensure we are prepared for the physical activity we are about to undertake, perform during the workout whilst preventing catabolism, and recover after the workout. As we are talking about gaining muscle we all know the body needs to be in a caloritic surplus to gain muscle. It also needs to be constantly topped up with essential and none essential amino acids to make new muscle protein.

This may sound complicated but believe me if there is one thing I have learnt from more experienced guys it’s to keep it simple. Pre workout I take BCAAs, creatine and glutamine. Intra-workout nutrition is something that I have recently added during this offseason and it is massively helped with my recovery enabling me to train more, harder and recover faster. My intra-workout drink consists of branch cyclic dextrin (found in Gaspari Glycofuse), peptopro, BCAA’s and creatine, for more information on these look at my previous article in the resource (Click Here For Previous Article).

In a nut shell the cyclic dextrin is a carb source, so when it enters the body it creates an insulin release which when combined with the peptopro and BCAA’s drives them straight to the muscle. The constant feeding of these supplements during you work out will leave you feeling as if you didn’t train hard enough the next day. You did!! You have just recovered a lot quicker. And as everyone knows you are only growing when you are recovering.


Intra Workout Supplements

Gaspari Glutamine
Gaspari Qualatine
Gaspari Glycofuse
Monster Pro Shaker



Change Your Angles

This is so important, especially for lagging body parts. Let’s face it, if you are using a neutral grip for your bench, your benching 140kg and your chest ain’t growing…. guess what, no matter how much more weight you add to the bar your chest is still going to be a lagging body part. Yes for beginners adding more weight to the bar is probably the fastest way to make gains even if your form isn’t the best, your body will still adapt.

But I’m guessing if you’re benching 140kg or squatting 180kg you’re not a beginner. Changing the position at which you hold the bar, position your elbows, how wide you have your feet or the angle your toes point will put the working muscle in a position it’s not used to, forcing it to adapt and grow. This will most defiantly feel uncomfortable at first which is the whole point, the comfort zone is a beautiful place – but nothing grows there.


Get Control of Insulin

Insulin is one of the body’s most anabolic hormones and the only hormone we can control. Manipulating insulin at the right times WILL lead to massive muscle gains providing you’re feeding your body with the right nutrients. Insulin is a transporter, it is released from the pancreas and drives glucose from the blood stream into cells making it crucial for building muscle. It also has a downside as it can increase fat storage, so the challenge is learning how to spike insulin at the optimal time to ensure the nutrients we are taking in are getting stored in the muscle cells and not the fat cells.

From the pancreas insulin enters the blood stream and travels to various tissues, but the one we are mainly concerned with is muscle tissue, these muscle cells are lined with insulin receptors. Once in the insulin molecule attaches to the muscle cell, tells it to open up and allow glucose, amino acids and creatine to enter the muscle. This is why insulin has huge muscle building potential. Whilst in the muscle insulin sets of a chemical reaction that increases protein synthesis, which is the building of new muscle out of amino acids. If that isn’t a good enough reason to utilise insulin response it also decreases muscle breakdown, which further enhances muscle growth.

The single important time we can use insulin response to our maximum advantage is post workout. This is the time were we must take in some form of high GI carbohydrates along with protein and amino acids. The common misconception is that high GI carbs will get stored as fat, well yes if you are constantly consuming high GI carbs when your muscles are in a resting state it will lead to fat gain over time. Post exercise our muscles are starving for nutrients to fuel protein synthesis, but a large serving of simple carbohydrates puts our muscles in an optimal anabolic environment and increases nutrient uptake and storage, ideal for rapid muscle gains.


“The only meal as a note that requires a rapid and high spike in insulin is the post workout”


Keep It Simple!

This applies to both training and nutrition. This means training at least 5 days a week, more if you feel your recovery rate enables this. With regards to training you MUST lift heavy weights, this is a training variable that will 100% cause your body to adapt and grow providing you are using correct form, dropping your reps to the 3-6 rep range on compound exercises will cause more growth hormone to be released stimulating faster muscle growth. If you want to gain muscle compound movements for various muscle groups should be the staple of your workouts. Do include some higher rep exercises in your workout to make sure all muscle fibres, fast and slow twitch are being stimulated.

With regards to nutrition, protein provides the raw building blocks to grow new muscle tissue, so make it your priority. Aim for around 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Divide that number by 6 if you’re eating 6 meals, that’s how much protein you should consume at each meal. The rest of your calories should come from complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. To gains muscle you must always be in a calorie surplus, which means eating more calories than your body is using throughout the day. Simple as that!


“Eat big, lift big, get big. Simple!”



Whole Earth Nutrition are a new and upcoming brand on the Monster Supplements site.

After trying their products, talking to the founders and finding out more we were keen to get them on board!

Check out the below article for a little bit more information about the brand and their products – Click Here To See Their Range



Back Story

Since 1999 two brothers have been passionately involved in health, wellbeing and nutrition. Developing their own personal training methods & guiding healthy weight loss with remarkable results.

With over 6 years in design and 2 years to source/produce – the Whole Earth Nutrition Super Food MRP sure did take a long time to bring together, but after seeing some incredible results it was well worth the investment.


Here are a few testimonials so far:


“I just wake up energised and ready for the day. It used to take me an hour and 3 coffees just to wake up. Then I had no energy all day. Since having ‘super food’ before bed I have amazing energy and not only enjoy my workout, but thrive on them, Chocolate Nut I am!”

- Darren B


“I use ‘super food’ as a meal replacement and since I started I have lost 5″ off my waist and inches everywhere else too.”

- Laura S


“I’m on the move all day and always missed lunch, I would then have coffee or tea to keep me going. Now I just take and shake my “super food” drink on the go and don’t touch coffee or tea after midday now. I’m sleeping like a baby, I have lost 5lb in 40 days. Have more of a spring in my step and feel great. Loving the taste too “Raspberry” is gorgeous.”

- Andrea P


Whole Earth Nutrition


Monster Thoughts…

At the office we were lucky enough to try out the Whole Earth Nutrition Super Food and we thought it was pretty good!

With it being a fairly low calorie product (just 247 calories per serving), this is well suited for those on a low calorie diet who are wanting to have a convenient shake which is packed full of top ingredients to fit into their weight management plan.

Now let’s get into some specifics



On this occasion we tried the Raspberry flavoured Whole Earth Nutrition Super Food MRP and it was a nice tasting shake.

Sometimes when we try out new products you can tell that the taste wasn’t a priority.

Although it’s the actual benefits of the product which you want, it does help when it tastes good too. If it tastes awful, chances are you’re not going to want to consume it on a regular basis.

Thankfully, it tasted great and quite refreshing actually. We’re used to chocolate shakes, so having more of a fruity tasting shake was a welcome treat!



No issues when it came to mixability, gave the product a decent shake for 10 seconds in the Monster Shaker with Wire Ball as we do we most shakes and it was good to go!

No lumps, just a smooth shake – simple.


Key Ingredients

-       Whey protein

-       Micronised Oat Flour

-       Brown Rice Protein

-       Flaxseed Powder

-       Spirulina Powder

-       Alfalfa Powder

-       Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder & Coconut Oil Powder

-       Green Tea Extract

-       Multivitamin Complex




We certainly rate the Whole Earth Nutrition Super Food MRP and we’d recommend it for those wanting a low calorie shake with the benefits of all the top ingredients it has to offer.

 A great addition to our site.




Peak Week

So after 10 long and gruelling weeks of strict dieting and intensive training, I’m finally on the home stretch. It’s the biggest fitness show to ever be held in Europe with competitors coming from all over the world to take the stage in London’s O2 Indigo Arena. I feel like I’m running on pure adrenalin in anticipation. There’s a lot more behind the scenes preparation that goes on before you finally step out on stage. Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to in the lead up to WBFF.



After 10 weeks of heavy strength training, I can relax slightly this week, with my body fat at its lowest it’s important not to overdo it in the gym as you’re at a greater risk of injury. I have introduced a little more cardio the last week or so just to keep me burning up those calories. And of course I’ve been practising my stage posing, doing specific posture and core strengthening exercise and stretching regularly to keep me flexible.



I have been carb cycling with my diet, which basically means my calorie intake remains the same each day but some days will be higher in carbs and lower in fats followed by a day where I’ll cut the carbs to minimum but replace the lost calories with good fats (avocados, nuts, oily fish) I’ve really found this is the most effective way to stop your body reaching a plateau when it comes to fat loss. I will do a more in depth Blog specifically on Carb cycling after the comp so stay tuned.


Pre Comp Tricks of the Trade

This week I will be water loading, which basically means upping your water intake considerably higher than normal to ensure your body doesn’t store any water, giving your muscles more definition under your skin. It seem silly to flood your body with water to prevent water retention however if your body gets used to this higher level of liquid intake it no longer feels the need to store water, thus eliminating any residual water stored in your bodies tissue.

Added vitamin C also helps flush the water out, try these: http://monstersupplements.com/store/p/6592/1/Solgar-Vitamin-C-1000mg-250ct.html


All that’s left is sorting my Bikini, Tan, Hair and Makeup for the big day!


Wish me luck!


Click here for tickets to the event: http://www.theo2.co.uk/events/detail/wbff-european-pro-am-2014

Last weekend I succeeded in increasing my professional record to 5 wins and 0 defeats at Hull Ice Arena on a Sky Sports Matchroom show.

I was very nervous going into this fight as I had had a 7 month break from competing. I was nervous and I was excited to step back in the ring against high ranked Gary Cooper from Wales. Cooper was coming off a 1st round stoppage against Ricky Hattons hot prospect Sonny Upton so was in high spirits coming into the fight. It’s not every day Matchroom come to Hull to put on a big show, so when it happens it’s a huge event. There have been three big shows since Luke Campbell won the Olympic gold medal in 2012 and now the success of local Tommy Coyle has dramatically increased ticket sales, bringing in lots of interest to our city of Hull. This is the first time I have secured a place on one of these shows so I knew I needed to perform to the best of my ability against a tough durable opponent.

I made all the right moves in the preparation to this fight. My fight weight is usually 11 Stone but as there was a change of opponent 2 weeks previous to the show I had to match Gary Coopers 11stone 2pounds. The weigh in was a day before the fight, a taster event for fans to come and see the fighters meet for the first time! About 150 people turned up to the weigh in and the atmosphere was electric, I wanted nothing more then to step through those ropes and show them all what I am made of.


Here’s my round by round review of my fight.


ROUND 1. The first round i thought I’d see what this guy had to give. Controlling distance with my jab not getting too involved. He landed one shot that I felt on the side of my head and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get hit by many of them, although I didn’t want to show this so I kept my composure and controlled the remainder of the round.

ROUND 2. At this point in a fight I’m usually nerve free focusing on the job, the nerves were still there and I felt rusty because of my long lay off from competition. In my opinion the second round was close and I feel Cooper may have just got the better of me. However I stayed relaxed and put that round behind me, telling myself it’s now or never. It was time to show the fans and myself what I’m made of.

ROUND 3. In the third round I found my rhythm, remembered why I was here and all the hard work and sacrifice i’ve made to get myself into that ring. My opponent stepped on to try and take over in the fight, I used quick feet and skilful moves to keep him at bay before spinning him for a beautiful left hook that seemed to rock him for a moment. Being the tough fighter he is he came back with a few shots that I managed to evade, picking up another round as I pressed forward.

ROUND 4. In this round I noticed cooper tired. I’m known for starting slow and staying relaxed then picking my speed up towards the end as I have fantastic conditioning. So seeing that I could get the upper hand here I stepped up through the gears and started to really find my punches and combinations, allowing me to dominate round 4.

ROUNDS 5 & 6. In the last two rounds, I felt like I was born to be in that ring in front of all the fans. I fed off the crowd and kept pushing on and started to enjoy myself. Cooper was still strong and still tough but my boxing skills, footwork and combination punching saw me sail through to a points victory scored by the referee.


This was probably the best performance of my professional career. I put all this down to my preparation in the gym, the ring, on the roads and in the kitchen! Like I have said before, boxing is a lifestyle! Sacrifices need to bemade in order for success to take its place. I have huge respect for my opponent Cooper. He was very tough and punched very hard, and I wish him all the best in his future!


I am hoping for one more fight before this year comes to a close, so keep your eyes out as I am hoping to showcase some more skills in that ring!





When you train shoulders, what do you think?

…”I’ll start with a pressing exercise, do some side laterals, maybe some front raises and then squeeze in rear delts if I have time?”


So you do all that, but still can’t understand why you don’t have capped full delts! It’s because that’s basic… Even if you throw in drop sets, negatives and all that jazz it’s still not enough!

YES you need to overload the muscle, YES you need to hit all muscle heads with a variation of exercises, and YES you need a strong mind-muscle connection to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible!

BUT there is something that you may of not considered that could really help maximise your training… These are STRENGTH CURVES. Most of you won’t even know what these are and that’s ok because I am about to reveal all.

First let’s take a muscle group… Delts (since we have started with this body part)…Now let’s break it down further into the Anterior, Medial and Posterior. Now let’s take it further and look at the strength curve of one; say Anterior. This is the full plain of motion for the front lateral raise.


Tension during this exercise can be maximised at different points during this plain of motion depending on which point during the plain of motion resistance is at its highest. By changing the body’s position whilst performing the raise, you can hit all the muscle fibres more readily throughout the motion.

We are going to break this down and focus on 3 separate variations providing maximum tension at the bottom of the raise, the middle and then at the top.

So basically we are going to complete sets sat back on an incline bench (emphasis on the bottom of the rep), sat up straight (emphasis on the mid motion of the rep) and then in reverse with your chest actually facing the incline bench (emphasis on the top of the rep). This will work the anterior delt fully through its strength curve.


Now you’re going to think…


“Do I now need to do 3-4 sets on each part of the curve?”

and then…

“How am I going to fit in everything else…?”


To start off just do 2 working sets on each part of the curve as the most benefit is achieved in the first few sets. Just use this principle once a week on your most lagging body part, or superset the exercise at each angle into one set…


Any questions just inbox me, if you like it hit LIKE, if you think it will help others please SHARE #ReflectAndYouWillGrow #FoodForThought



Chris Brodie Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBconditioning101

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrodelVanBerry

Instagram: http://instagram.com/bro_van_b3rry


Photography Credit: https://www.facebook.com/JackGrayPhotography



     by James Alexander-Ellis WBFF Pro


Omni is a Latin prefix, meaning “All” or “Everything”.

SCI-MX’s legendary “OMNI MX®” protein shake was one of the first sensible mass gainer shakes I ever purchased, around 7 years ago – right around the time I started getting into serious shape and taking my training very seriously! Back then, supplement companies really only offered 3 sorts of protein shake: Whey Protein, Casein Protein and an “all in one” which in most cases, was loaded with sugar!

It’s a credit to SCI-MX that they were ahead of the game when OMNI MX® was first released. It was a solution to the needs of the trainee who didn’t want to cart around or mix up tubs of creatine, protein, BCAAs, zinc and magnesium etc, not to mention a carb source.

Since an incredibly successful re-branding last year, the creative experts at SCI-MX have split the range to focus around 3 goals and a majority of the product lines are now labelled Hardcore, Leancore or Rippedcore to suit the athlete that is either looking for shreds, maintenance of condition or hardcore muscle building. Or these days, we seem to want it all, NOW!

OMNI MX® HARDCORE has approximately a 2:1 Carb to Protein ratio. I believe this to be the optimal (and maximal) amount required for a post workout shake, so it’s nice to see that SCI-MX don’t produce anything too crazy in terms of high calorie/ high sugars in their range. The brand focuses on helping their customers achieve an aesthetic and realistic physique… Leaving the silly 2000 Kcal shakes to the other brands.

So, OMNI MX® delivers a fast AND slow digesting protein blend (GRS-9®) with the necessary carbs to create a useful insulin spike. It has a vast mix of relevant ingredients such as the aforementioned creatine, ZMA and BCAAs, but also Arginine, Taurine and Beta alanine – which are all legit pre-workout supplements for those using the shake pre-exercise as well as post.

As with pretty much ALL SCI-MX products, the taste is second to none – the bosses at this company wouldn’t dream of releasing a product that didn’t rate 5 stars for flavour and OMNI MX® HARDCORE is no different.

Finally, for those looking for a slightly reduced Kcal / sugars, there is the RIPPEDCORE and LEANCORE version, offering 1:2 and 1:1 ratios respectively, but keeping the theme of “all in one” with the long list of added extras.

Great value, technically sound and with a truly proven pedigree – I can happily recommend OMNI MX® HARDCORE to any trainee looking to build muscle fast! I’m pleased I discovered this product many years ago, and I still have it in my cupboards today.

by James Alexander-Ellis WBFF Pro



Twitter: JamesEllisPT

Facebook: JamesAlexanderEllis





     by Xenios Charalambous SCI-MX Athlete


I was always a skinny kid with an ectomorph body type. I struggled with building strong muscle mass despite trying many different supplements, until I tried OMNI MX® HARDCORE from SCI-MX.


After 1 year of consecutive use and hard work in the gym I gained 10kg and brought my physique to the next level. To bulk up, I use 3 scoops of OMNI MX® HARDCORE 1 hour before training and 3 scoops 20 minutes after training.

It’s an all-in-one supplement that can be used any time e.g. morning, pre-workout, post workout and even before bed – YES! Carbs before bed to grow!

Each serving contains 530 quality calories and 45g protein (hydrolysed, whey and casein) and thanks to these 3 types of protein; you can use it any time of the day. The great thing about this mass gainer is the Cross-Action™ carbohydrates, with each serving containing 75.2g and almost NO sugar at all, meaning you won’t gain as much fat. After 5 days of using this product you will be amazed how strong you become in the gym because of the Creatacore™ creatine, HMB, Beta alanine and Taurine – this is the best combination to maximise your strength. If you want to turn from “hard-gainer” to “easy-gainer” then you definitely must try this supplement.

I recommend taking 1 serving 30 minutes before training and one 20 minutes after training. On your rest days, take 1 serving in the morning and 1 serving in the afternoon.

by Xenios Charalambous SCI-MX Athlete



Twitter: Xcharalambous

Facebook: fitnessxenioscharalambous


The new T6 Fat Incinerator is a combination of a thermogenic stimulator and a water management supplement with the added bonus of mildly suppressing the appetite.

This makes it an ideal product for anyone wanting to lose weight whilst on a calorie controlled diet for whatever reason that may be.  As everyone already knows you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight and in my experience that also means being hungry. With a controlled appetite the chances of you reaching your weight loss goals are heightened significantly.






This ingredient accelerates fat loss, increases metabolism which means you burn more calories through the day. Increases performance, improves focus and suppresses appetite.





Responsible for transporting fats into cells where they can be used as energy, will decrease visceral fat (stomach fat), and increase exercise performance.


Bitter Orange Peel

Used as an effective stimulant and appetite suppressant.


Capsium Extract

A type of plant that has been rigorously tested and shown to significantly increase thermogenesis and mobilise the body fat around the abdominal area.



Green Tea Extract

Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, improves brain function and increases fat burning and physical performance.



Having looked at the list of ingredients and researched each one individually (as I do with all supplements I take) I was very excited to try this product.


I started with the one capsule as soon as I woke up,20mins pre fasted cardio.  As I am a bit of a stimulant junkie I didn’t really feel any effects of this during my cardio.


However, the following morning I took 2 capsules which contains around 400mg of caffeine, I think it is safe to say I got that focus and tunnel vision feeling I love in a weight management supplement. After taking this for a number of weeks I increased my cardio to 1hr and my exercise capacity did not suffer one bit, I still had that mental focus to carry me all the way through.


I tested this product for just 4 weeks with a clean diet, progressive cardio programme and structured training programme. My aim was to lose fat and water without compromising muscle which I achieved.
Very good product which will defiantly be an asset to my next contest prep.




Check out the T6 for yourself

Click Here Now


I think abs are generally one of the hardest areas to target, especially for woman who naturally store more body fat than men and tend to hold it around the lower stomach. Everyone’s perception of abs is very different and the look people want from their stomach.

Most women you ask want a flat stomach, not a “6 pack”.

I think a lot of women think that crunches alone will achieve this without realising the structure of the stomach muscles and how to engage other muscles such as the obliques.




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It's review time once again here on the Monster Resource! This week we're reviewing the updated Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein, for the past few...