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Hi guys,

Here is a sample of what my routine is like 3 weeks before my UKBFF show.



3 weeks Out From UKBFF

My training routine starts at 6:30am before my partner goes out to work and when my son is still in bed, I head to the gym for my weight training session.

Depending on what day it is or what muscle groups have recovered I’ll do some intense weight training on that particular area.

Today was Biceps and triceps, one of my favourite training sessions and I love my arms to feel tight and pumped up afterwards.

I always warm up for 5 mins on a cross trainer and stretch out properly, I’ve found out recently it’s just not worth the risk of injury by training cold muscles.

To start I’ll drop set biceps curls and hammer curls. Starting with 10kg to 6kg to 4kg. Each drop hits different muscle fibres, it’s important to reach everyone to build a more defined muscle. I’ll do 3 sets not counting the reps but hitting failure on each weight.


Without rest sitting on a bench I’ll go straight into dumbbell triceps extensions with a 10kg dumbbell until failure, using the bench I’ll then do dips and repeat this for (3 sets).

On the cable machine I’ll super set using the rope to do over head triceps extensions (10 reps) and then the v-bar to do some standing triceps extensions (10 reps).. then onto the dipping bar to failure (3 sets).

Using the EZ bar I’ll do focus work on my biceps. Bottom end movement partials, full reps and top end movement partials to really work the whole muscle.

I’ll always finish with an abs set, I try to do one day with weights then the next my own body weight.

Example Ab Exercises

- Ankle taps to failure
- Crunches to failure
- Bicycle crunches to failure (3 sets)


I have been doing CV training on the evenings 1hour at a constant speed one night then 20mins of HIIT (high intensity interval training) the next night. I alternate every night of the week.

I get pretty board doing cardio, so I’ll either go for a 5k run out doors then go on the bike for 20 minutes.


(HIIT) is more fun for me.. I’ll run full speed on the treadmill for 40 seconds then jump on the sides to a standstill for 20 seconds then back on for 40seconds until 10 minutes has past.

On the spin bike I’ll pedal on high resistance for 40 seconds then low resistance for 20 seconds. I do this for 10 minutes also.

These two methods really target fat loss but don’t burn into muscle.


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Ever wondered what the difference is between Amateur & Professional Boxing?

In this article Tom Knight explains the key differences between the two!


Amateur Boxing

Amateur boxing is a highly technical sport; one that requires just as much hard work and dedication, if not more, than the professional side. The only downfall being that you are unable to be paid to box.

I believe by taking away the element of being paid to box you make Amateur boxing into more of a sport; making everyone fight harder to get the win. This version of boxing is the only Olympic sport where the professionals are unable to compete.

When I boxed at amateur level, the whole system was highly different to what it has become recently.

Each Amateur fight lasts 3 x 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest in-between rounds. There are 4 judges that sit around the ring in Amateur boxing, and they each have two buttons; one for yourself and one for your rival. To score, you needed at least 3 of the judges to press your button within a split second of each other for the computer to pick it up and score you a point. This was known as Olympic scoring; and is completely different to how a fight is scored in a professional bout. Unlike the professionals at the time, we had to wear head guards.

Recently however, these elements of Amateur boxing have changed and the sport is becoming increasingly like the professional side.

The fights are scored the same be it a professional bout or an amateur bout, and the ability to wear a head guard has been taken away.

To box regularly at an amateur level you always have to be ready; sometimes you only get half a days’ notice. You could wake up ready to face a normal day of training and get a last minute phone-call that would have you suddenly preparing yourself mentally for a fight. You always had to be training, to make sure that if the phone-call did come; you were ready.

The training involved mainly included sparring, circuits and drills based on improving technique; for the amateurs, good technique would beat strength any day of the week.

In this article I’m going to go over some points to consider when it comes to drinking alcohol and reaching our fitness goals.

I’m not going to make it a science based article quoting percentages and the like, rather – a more practical piece that you can have a think about and apply to your own life…


Alcohol & The Gym – Do They Mix?

Drinking alcohol is a popular past time for many.

Ranging from a glass of wine on a night to relax, a few sociable drinks with friends at the local pub, to full on nights out until the early hours.

With many things in life there is often a “push-pull” relationship between certain activities or wants that we have.

For Example – we want to be more sociable & go out more….yet we want to improve our body/gym lifts at the same time…now although these things aren’t mutually exclusive, going to an extreme with either the gym or drinking can take away from the other – so it can be a balancing act at times which often requires a bit of restraint here and there so that we can find a happy medium (if that’s what you want).

So let’s go over a few points to consider when it comes to drinking alcohol and reaching your fitness goals before bringing it together in the conclusion.

Sometimes it’s hard to get to the gym and without equipment at home it can seem impossible to work out!

There’s no need to move the sofa for a DVD work out, there’s so many ways to get active – even in a small space at home.

(Having some dumbbells and a kettlebell can be a great initial investment if the cost of a monthly gym membership is a problem).


However here are a few ideas, even if you don’t have any equipment or accessories at all!

Back in 2004 BSN pretty much created the whole pre-workout category when N.O. XPLODE burst on to the scene.

We remember it was pretty potent back when we first stocked the original here on Monster…and now it’s even better!


What’s New?

N.O.-XPLODE has been re-engineered to help you PUSH your workout beyond previous limits.

By upping the dosage of key ingredients, such as arginine and beta-alanine, and adding some cutting-edge new ones – including betaine – BSN have created a comprehensive all in one that is sure to get some serious attention.



Here’s our own tub for the review!


What did we think to the BSN N.O. Xplode 3.0?

The BSN N.O. Xplode 3.0 really impressed us at Monster.

Within minutes after taking it we could feel it getting to work!

See below for our breakdown of some of the vital aspects when it comes to a pre-workout formula…



Around 2-3 minutes after taking 1 scoop of N.O. Xplode (and hour and a half after our pre workout meal) we noticed that it was starting to kick in!

Our focus was really starting to improve and we were itching to get into the gym!

Throughout the workout (which lasted 70 minutes in total) it was clear that this N.O. Xplode 3.0 was making a real difference when compared to not using a pre-workout product.

Set after set we PUSHed ourselves hard, going until failure for a few of the sets – we managed to get at least 2-3 reps more than usual and felt great after each set.
After around 50 minutes, our energy levels started to diminish, which makes sense given that we’d been lifting heavy weights – but our focus remained strong, allowing us to focus on just lifting the weights rather than getting focused and getting mentally prepared.

After the workout, we still had a good sense of mental clarity but it was starting to come back to normal following the intense session we had.

No crash, just a nice gentle return to a normal level of focus.


Explosive Energy & Performance

The new  N.O. XPLODE 3.0 Thermic Energy™ blend helps deliver explosive energy, enhancing your workout performance from start to finish.

This boosts comes from a variety of the top quality ingredients included within the N.O. XPLODE 3.0 including the stimulants that improve your perceived exertion, the creatine monohydrate which improves strength in successive bursts and then the benefits of beta alanine, betaine and many more too!

Although we always train hard, this helped us go the extra mile and PUSH ourselves that little bit harder!


Taste & Mixability

For taste, we really liked it. Quite refreshing & easy to drink. It’s one of those that leaves a decent aftertaste too and the flavours used are well matched to the product – the fruity like flavours are ideal!

In regards to mixability, it mixes pretty much instantly with water (we used around 200ml of water) and all we needed to do was a few gentle shakes and it was all dissolved into a solution of workout intensifying goodness!



The N.O. Xplode really surpassed our expectations, with there being a lot of pre workouts on the market it can sometimes be difficult to find one you really like. However we have no problems recommending the brand new BSN N.O. Xplode 3.0! Ideal for anyone wanting to PUSH themselves in the gym or other intense exercise.

Top marks!

Check out the Brand New NO XPLODE 3.0 Now

12 Servings

30 Servings

50 Servings



Check out the Below Video of the Brand New NO XPLODE!

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At the Monster Supplements stores we love to have promotional days where athletes, physique competitors  & fitness enthusiasts from brands such as Optimum Nutrition come down and share their knowledge & stories all whilst having fun.

On the 26th of July,  we had 4 of Team Optimum’s athletes visit us at the Monster Supplements superstore in Hull.

Welcome to the Monster Supplements Resource, here we have an in Introductory Interview with Amy Hills who has just come on board as a Monster Supplements ambassador.

Check out her story below and check back over the upcoming weeks and months to find out more about Amy, tips to help you get more from your fitness efforts and her journey.




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