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The Art of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding training is without a doubt an art. In my opinion, it is not just for those competing in such competitions as the UKBFF or NABBA etc. The general misconception that it is just a combination of lifting weights and eating a high protein diet, does not even begin to touch the surface. The training element alone comprises multiple multi-variation exercise routines, based around each muscle group designed to develop overall size and aesthetic bodybuilding shape. Unlike the mass majority who train in the gym, someone with a bodybuilding mentality will not adopt a generic training program.

Building Lean Muscle Mass

Monster Supplements Guru Josh Beet goes in to detail on the perfect way to build ‘Lean Muscle Mass’ as part of your complete workout.

What Is The Best Rep Range?

I always find it interesting, hearing the opinions and justification for peoples chosen rep ranges in terms of building lean muscle mass. There is no ‘definitive’ answer to this concept, as everybody responds differently to different stimulus’ and training methods however; most people misconstrue muscle building, and presume heavy weight and low reps is the answer.  I am not denying that heavy weights help recruit more muscle fibres to help build muscle tissue to a certain extent, however, it should be noted that this is not the be all and end all of muscle building.

Rugby League World Cup Latest

Monster Supplements in-house Guru Rob Shaw talks to Scotland’s RLWC star Dave Scott.

What are your preparations so far for the RLWC 2013?
We are currently training in Workington to prepare for the RLWC 2013. Each training day is different as we have limited time to prepare. Some days we will have a session in the morning which is position specific followed by weights, and after lunch we will do a team session to put our structures in place.

Leg Workout for Competition

For those competing in the world of body building and exercise, creating the complete physique is vitally important. Many amature competitors neglect to exercise and improve the complete range of muscles that they have to offer.

One of the big areas of improvement for most bodybuilding competitors is their legs. Usually neglected and rarely pushed as competitors focus on arms, chest or improving their abs.

Our Monster Supplements Guru Rebecca Maughan provides a complete leg workout for those who are looking to compete at both amature and professional competition level:

How To Build Muscle


We train with weights to build muscle, right? But why do muscles grow/become stronger? There are so many training strategies out there, it’s extremely difficult to just “pick one” as they all claim to work, and to a certain extent they probably do.


But I want the BEST results in the shortest period of time, or in other words – maximum efficiency.



Losing fat….not weight….fat…..what’s that all about?!-

Losing fat is not something that just happens when you go on a “diet”, I say this because a diet to some people is not eating as many take away meals, to others it is eating 100% “clean food” and NEVER having any form of cheat/treat meal…everyone has a different idea of what dieting is so let’s just break it down…-

If you look at any athlete who lifts heavy they will almost always carry impressive levels of muscle mass. In contrast, the reality is that athlete could almost certainly be bigger if they wanted to be! We often hear from some coaches that getting stronger is key for size whilst others say it doesn’t matter. Well I sit somewhere in the middle because I truly believe it does matter, but maybe not for the reasons you think it does.

Recording Results


When it comes to working with weights, you want 100% of your mental energy focused on the task at hand – pushing yourself and lifting the weight for more reps/better form than the previous workout.


To do this efficiently, recording your results is essential. It may not sound like much, but recording your results each and every workout allows you to be more effective over time….this will generate significant increases in intensity and improve workouts.

The bench press is often the favoured exercise within the gym environment for young men who crave size and even more perhaps that title as a ‘’strong dude.’’ The saying goes the same in every gym up and down the country, ‘’how much do you bench?’’ Well, today we are going to explore this exercise in a bit more detail, discuss some of the benefits and beyond that some of the best variations we feel will help you add size and strength. Sound fun!? Good.




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