Our Top 3 PRE-WORKOUT Smoothies!

There are many pre-workout products on the market that are said to give you that extra boost just before you hit the gym, but do they really work? Are they worth the money you pay?

Before I met my competition coach, I was a strong believer that without a branded pre-workout product, my workout would fall flat and I’d end up feeling unsatisfied with my performance. However during my competition prep, I was told to change my powdered pre-workout for something more natural which provides nutritional benefits as well as an energy boost.

Here are a few I tried:

Go bananas!

100ml - Unsweetened Almond Milk

20g - PhD Diet Whey Strawberry

20g - Peanut Butter

½ - Banana

Blend and enjoy!

Macros: 280KCAL, 29gC, 13gF, 20gP

Banana Smoothie Image Source: www.theodesseyonline.com

Bananas are a great source of natural, nutritional carbs which will give you that little push before your workout.

'Mocha' my workout good!

1 - Mug of black coffee with water (1 tbsp granules)

1 - Scoop My Protein Impact Whey Chocolate

8g - Natural honey

1 - handful of ice

Put all ingredients in a shaker or tumbler and sip!

Macros: 121KCAL, 8gC, 0gF, 19gP

Ice Mocha Drink Image Source: www.gethealthyu.com

The black coffee masked under a layer of chocolate protein will be sure to give you a buzz!

Time to lift berry heavy!

80g - Strawberries

60g - Greek style yoghurt (0% fat)

50ml - Unsweetened Almond Milk

Water (if necessary)

Blend together and gulp!

Macros: 66KCAL, 13gC, 1g F, 7g P

Strawberry Drink Image Source: www.nytimes.com

This refreshing shake will give you a fresh boost as it includes natural sugars which will provide you with vast amounts of energy!

About the Author

My name is Victoria Thornewell, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Leicester. I am currently a PhD Nutrition brand ambassador, working closely with Monster Supplements to bring you the advice you’re looking for, getting you the results you want through the right product recommendation. I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 months now, and I am thrilled that I can be part of such an amazing team. Both Monster Supplements and PhD Nutrition offer their customers the best products as good prices and with proven results. Age: 22 years old Height: 163cm Occupation: Marketing Coordinator, Hospitality Room Manager and Bikini Fitness Athlete. Achievements: I am currently the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow Junior Bikini Fitness champion (2015) having won back in July. This was my first ever bodybuilding competition, so I am thrilled to be carrying the title. I am also previous Miss Leicester beauty queen (2014/15) having been in the modelling industry for over 3 years. My goals? Work my butt off so that one day, my idols become my rivals.
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