With summer ever encroaching on the horizon, what better way to kick start the season than to attend the fitness extravaganza that is BodyPower!

The start of the week wraps up a record breaking turnout at BodyPower this year! Over 90,000 fitness enthusiast from around the globe attended the weekend for a fun-filled, action packed event that left us with that motivational buzz to get our summer’s off to a flying start!

I decided to compete at BodyPower shortly after my first show at the PCA – East Coast which I placed 4th in the Muscle Model Category. After a few tweaks to my diet with a lot of help from my coach and head athlete Chris Brodie we had just two weeks to prepare for BodyPower.

Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down.”

Having experienced the event for the first time, I was not disappointed with the atmosphere and sheer magnitude of it all, taking in all the aspects that the expo had to offer. I competed in the USN Classic Men’s Physique category representing Adapt Nutrition as my supplement sponsor, I had such an incredible time on stage, I felt completely at home up there and my confidence shone through compared with my last show. Sadly I did not place in a very solid line up, however I am more motivated than ever before to come back bigger and leaner for next year!

The standard of competitors at this year’s BodyPower was incredible! Some of the physiques I witnessed looked very close to those of the pro leagues, this made the experience so much more interesting and challenging! Especially with the likes of Tom Coleman PureElitePro/WBFF Pro competing in the same category!

Throughout the event as I was strolling around waiting for my spot on stage, I couldn’t help but notice the sheer size of the queue to the 5% Nutrition stand and to meet Rich Piana. His popularity in the industry has grown tenfold over the past few years, his brutal honesty and controversial attitude has attracted a lot of attention, not to mention his freaky looking physique, impressive!

Kevin Levrones appearance was also of huge significance to the industry, rumour has it that he’s contemplating making a comeback to competitive bodybuilding. He has expressed that he feels he has left something on stage and that ‘God’ wants him to step on that stage again to see what it is. His motivation through his fan base and expectation of critics motivates Kevin to bring the best package yet to the stage and give it his best shot.

Roelly Winklaar shocked fans and judges with an outstanding display of size, symmetry and condition at this year’s BodyPower Pro show. Taking the first place title, Roelly now sets his sights on the New York Pro show, hoping to continue his success. Roelly has been training at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait and has evidently come on leaps and bounds since his last competition!

This year’s Gymshark stand was by far the most popular stand, boasting queues that snaked back almost to the entrance gates! Gymshark brought with them a whole host of athletes and stars of the fitness industry to meet their fans. Paige Hathaway, Bradley Martin & Ross Dickerson to name just a few of the big names in the Gymshark team.

The USN stand was also a huge success, one of the most visually appealing stands with their own centre stage from which athletes such as Ryan Terry & Tom Coleman performing talks/seminars, meeting fans and taking photos.

All in all the weekend was an absolute blast, I got to meet a handful of my idols and role models, experienced competing on a much larger and international stage and also got the opportunity to network with big names in the fitness industry, that being said, I’ll see you next year BodyPower!

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UKBFF Men's physique competitor, PCA Muscle model and CNP sponsored athlete.
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