Sara Logan: My Top Supplements For Taste

With so much variety on the market in the supplement industry, you can be assured you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to the important ingredients. So how else can you narrow down the choice? Well, perhaps it’s a girl thing, but I do unashamedly rely on a good-tasting supplement where possible. In terms of supplements I use regularly, then if they don’t stack up in the taste department, they’re out!


Whey protein powder is something I use daily, so taste is high up in importance. My go-to brand more often than not is BSN Syntha 6 Edge in Cookies & Cream. This is a great-tasting, easy-mixing shake that goes down a treat in porridge too. Monster sells 1.6kg for £39.95 with free delivery.



While on the subject of oats and whey, another tasty treat to add to your bowl is peanut butter by Nuts’N’More. Their nut butters are infused with whey protein isolate. My favourite flavour is Cinnamon & Raison Almond Butter. The nut butters are a healthy choice due to the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, which nuts are high in.


For those with a sweet tooth, take a look at the Protein Works syrups range, guilt-free butterscotch syrup perfect for squirting on your protein pancakes. You can really go to town with this as well, its ZERO calories! No fat, no carbs, no sugars, fantastic taste and perfect to hit those cravings on the head when you are dieting. Add it to shakes, porridge, yoghurts, even cottage cheese.


A great-tasting and valuable supplement I highly recommend is Grazed by Anabolic Designs. I always take a greens supplement as I don’t get enough green vegetables in my diet. This one by AD is chocolate flavour! If you have ever used a greens powder, you will know they often taste pretty fowl. This one is fantastic. It’s also not just a greens powder, it contains a full spectrum of muscle-building amino acids and is gluten free.


If you like using an intra-workout drink while you are training to improve energy and training intensity while feeding your body with all the muscle building and supporting ingredients, try berry flavour Sci-Mx Amino Intra Rippedcore. This supplement by a top-quality and well established brand contains growth factor aminos and protects against fatigue. It tastes light and refreshing and has been formulated specifically for intense metabolic workouts such as weight circuits, intervals, HIIT and crossfit.


My final great-tasting supplement recommendation is Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta. I use this all year round and actually prefer it to regular pasta. It’s so fast to cook, so simple to prep and will taste just as good cold or reheated with your prepped meals. The ingredients are 100% natural, 50% protein from pea protein isolate and eggs. It is low in fat and lower in carbs than regular pasta. I find its tasty enough without the need of any sauces. Very useful and functional for everyday use.

I hope you will try a few of my suggestions – I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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Sara is a UKBFF & IFBB international athlete. She personal trains clients at Pinks Gym and Steel Gym. REP's level 2 & 3 qualified and is a nutrition specialist.
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