MASS BUILDING: Phases 1-6 By Ollie Matthews

Training For Superhero Status

As per the previous two articles, we are now moving on to the training phases to really supercharge your physique.

We have two phases over a 12-week period. They are both going to add mass to your frame The reason for two is to keep your body guessing, allowing you to really get the most out of the time you are putting in here.

It will need some equipment whether you have access to a gym or home equipment you will need it here in order to go through and get the changes.


Time For Hulk Smash!


The Mass Building Phase Week 1-6

What follows is guaranteed to allow you to gain some action hero muscle, making you feel super when combined with the nutrition plan too.

Hit each exercise HARD and make sure you go to the intensity that is listed for each exercise.

You have three full days based around compound movements, with three optional days to bring up weaker points. So pick one of these three optional days to insert twice into the plan, depending on what your weaker points are whether chest and back, arms or legs. If you want to build up more than one body part, I would advise you concentrate on one part per mass building phase.

Day One

Chest and Shoulders, 31 sets

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Time
Incline Barbell Bench 5 6 3010 60s
Flat Dumbbell Bench 3 12,10,8 2010 60s
Dips 4 Failure 2011 45s
Seated DB Military Press 5 6 3020 45s
Standing DB Lateral Raises 3 12 2121 30s
Front Plate Raises 3 12 2121 30s
Machine Reverse Flyes 4 20,16,12,10 3210 30s
Rope Facepulls 4 20,16,12,10 3210 30s


Day Two

Back and Arms, 32 sets

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Time
Deadlifts 5 6 3010 90s
Bent Over Barbell Row 4 12,10,8.6 2120 60s
Wide Grip Chins 4 Failure 2111 60s
Stretchers 3 12 3211 45s
Reverse Grip Pulldowns 4 20 2120 30s
DB Hammer Curls 4 20 2120 30s
Incline EZ Skullcrushers 4 8,8,6,6 2120 30s
EZ Bar Standing Curls 4 8,8,6,6 2120 30s


Day Three

Legs and Calves, 35 sets

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Time
Wide Stance Parallel Squats 5 8,6,6,4,4 3010 90s
High Wide Stance Leg Press 4 12 4030 60s
Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlift 4 12 4031 45s
DB Walking Lunges 2 24 Total Steps 2020 45s
Lying Leg Curls 5 50,40,30,20,10 2120 20s
Leg Extensions 5 50,40,30,20,10 2120 20s
Seated Calf Raises 5 50,40,30,20,10 1010 20s
Standing Calf Raises 5 50,40,30,20,10 1010 20s


Optional Days

Chest and Back with Abs, 30 sets

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Time
Standing Cable Crossover 3 50,30,15 2120 20s
Rope Straight Arm Pulldown 3 50,30,15 2120 20s
Incline Machine Press 4 20 2120 45s
Seated Machine Row 4 20 2121 45s
Feet Elevated Press Ups 4 Failure 2220 60s
Close Grip Pulldowns 4 12 2220 60s
Kneeling Rope Crunches 5 25 2211 30s
Hanging Leg Raises 3 10 2020 30s


Arms with Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Time
Rope Pushdown 4 25 2120 30s
Rope Hammer Curls 4 25 2120 30s
Overhead Dumbbell Extension 4 12 each hand 3112 30s
Incline Dumbbell Curls 4 12 each hand 3112 30s
Dip Machine (change weights) 4 8,20,8,20 2120 10s
Machine Curls 4 8,20,8,20 2120 10s
Machine Crunch 5 25 2211 30s
Landmines 4 10 each side 2020 30s


Legs with Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Time
Seated Leg Curl 4 25 2220 30s
Leg Extension 4 25 2220 30s
Leg Press 10 10 2020 30s
Standing Calf Raises 5 50,40,30,20,10 1010 10s
Wall Squat 2 Failure HOLD 30s
Cable Wood Chops 4 10 2020 30s
Exercise Ball Rollouts 3 10 2120 30s
Hanging Knee Raises 4 20 2120 30s

About the Author

From working with people that are complete amateur gym goers, all the way to top level professional athletes in both the physique and endurance world, a name has been developed; Ollie Matthews. A strong following on social media has allowed Ollie to spread the word through his performance nutrition and coaching business. Recently Ollie has worked with professional triathletes, even having three clients win an Ironman distance event on the same day. Having developed a name for himself in the fitness and endurance world, Ollie is now pushing his body to the limits not just wanting to look good but focusing on performance too, really pushing the endurance levels and has just started his journey into powerlifting too. Ollie Matthews is a sponsored nutritionist for Protein Dynamix and owner of BodyCatchers Performance Nutrition alongside one of the expert coaches on Complete Human Performance who combine different training styles with Hybrid Training
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