MusclePharm Assault Review - By Sara Logan

A pre-workout for me needs to be an arse kicker! I like my pre-workout supplements to be strong and long lasting. I also like them to taste good – which may not be all that important when you’re chugging it back pretty quickly, but for me it’s quite important.

I tried the fruit punch flavour and it's surprisingly nice and mild to taste, with no nasty zingy aftertaste or sickliness. It mixed very easily as well. Great packaging, as with the whole MusclePharm range and, at 30 servings a tub it should last about a month, so great value.

For those who like the “Hell Raiser” prickly skin syndrome, you will enjoy the 2g of patented CarnoSyn beta-alanine per serving. Beta-Alanine is a lactic acid blocker, so it helps you get those extra reps at the end of the set when lactic acid build up is testing you.

Ion-3 patented nitrate technology: This is what gives you incredible pumps, and it’s the best pre-workout I have ever tried for pumps I’m not just saying that. Each body part I’ve trained with MusclePharm Assault has made my muscles feel full to bursting. The compound contains Creatine Nitrate, l-Arginine Nitrate and BCAA nitrate (3:1:2 ratio).

Energy is derived from caffeine (250mg per serving) in the form of PureEnergy Matrix and Choline Bitartrate, which helps to focus the mind.

These ingredients are also enhanced with the addition of coconut water which helps with rapid absorption, along with intra-cell infiltration, glutamine and taurine for added punch.


A great tasting pre-workout, giving long-lasting energy and focus, with probably the best muscular pumps of any pre-workout currently on the market. A huge thumbs up from me and my legs, which got thoroughly smashed during the review training session!

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Sara is a UKBFF & IFBB international athlete. She personal trains clients at Pinks Gym and Steel Gym. REP's level 2 & 3 qualified and is a nutrition specialist.
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