Sara Logan: Top Supplements For Women...You Wouldn't Expect!


For The New Gym Goer

My recommendations for any ladies new to their fitness journey are slightly different from seasoned fitness fanatics. Therefore let me start with the very simple, yet effective, supplements listed below.

  1. L-Glutamine

The reason I recommend this supplement for anybody at any level of fitness is because of its all round benefits, including helping to boost the immune system, reducing aches and pains in the muscles from overexertion, and for gut health to help your digestive system work at its best. A great product sold by Monster is Reflex L-Glutamine 250g which is currently on sale for £13.99, reduced from £22.99.


  1. Electrolytes

Electrolytes lost through sweating (such as sodium, magnesium and potassium) need to be replaced. They help to reduce fatigue during training and aid in protein synthesis in the muscles. If you suffer from cramps or tiredness, it may be that you are lacking in these essential salts. This will be especially true if you are sweating more than usual due to a new fitness regime. A great product to look at is High5 Zero tablets which you add to water to drink. There are three flavours to choose from and have zero calories to support your weight-loss goals.

  1. Multi-Vitamins

A good multi-vitamin will help you in every aspect of your life and fitness goals, by helping to fill in any areas where you may be lacking from your diet or environment. One of the best products on the market is the Reflex Nexgen Pro (£16.00 now at Monster).


For The Advanced Gym Goer

If you have been training for some time and your fitness levels are more advanced, there are a few other supplements I'd like to recommend, depending on your goals.

  1. Testosterone Booster

For ladies wanting to build muscle, this can be very hard as women do not produce as much testosterone as men. Therefore we need to make the best use of what we have and support our limited production of the hormone. I have found that using a testosterone booster so far in my off season has helped give me extra energy and strength in my training sessions. The product I am using is called Anabolic Designs Test Tauro for £31.99, reduced from £51.99. This is one of the best on the market, just ensure you follow the dosage recommendations.

anabolic-designs-tauro-test-180-caps IMAGE SOURCE:
  1. Pre-Workout

You are likely to use these often as a gym regular. The best in my personal opinion from the brands I've tried is Ripped Freak by Pharmafreak, £26.99 for 200g in a choice of two flavours (RRP £44.99).

Ripped_PreWorkout_200g_Tub IMAGE SOURCE:
  1. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids)

Try PhD Nutrition CLA for only £4 with Monster Supplements (RRP £13.99). It is designed for bodybuilders, athletes and everyday gym goers. This is an essential fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. It is helpful for weight maintenance and fat loss, and even more beneficial for vegetarians.


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Sara is a UKBFF & IFBB international athlete. She personal trains clients at Pinks Gym and Steel Gym. REP's level 2 & 3 qualified and is a nutrition specialist.
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