Monster Guide: Top 5 Fitness Buys For Him



So, what do you buy this Christmas for him? Do you know a fitness freak, but are unsure what to buy him for Christmas? Here's my top 5 buys this year:


1. 6 Pack Innovator 300 Bag

6 pack

This is a must for anyone on the go whether they meal prep religiously or not. These 6 pack bags come complete with refreezable packs so your food will always stay fresh! Available in both three and five meal sizes.




2. PhD The Next Level technical t-shirt



Made from breathable mesh material, this tee is great for the gym. Available in both black and white, it is a must for any workout and is just £17.99. Help him reach his next level!


3. PhD Nutrition stainless steel shaker


This limited edition shaker is sure to turn heads in the gym! With this great new design, PhD’s stainless steel shaker holds 750ml of liquid. It's strong, reliable and only £8.99! .


4. Golds Gym sit up bar 

sit up bar

Home workouts are just £13 away! Treat him to this sit up bar to ensure he never misses an abs routine. This bar simply clips on to any size door and comes complete with safety pads to ensure no damage is made to the door.


5. Reebok professional speed rope 


Never let him miss a blast of cardio with this Reebok speed rope. Easy to carry and adjustable, this rope can be used at home in the garden or at the gym. At 28cm in length, this is great for people at any fitness level.


About the Author

My name is Victoria Thornewell, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Leicester. I am currently a PhD Nutrition brand ambassador, working closely with Monster Supplements to bring you the advice you’re looking for, getting you the results you want through the right product recommendation. I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 months now, and I am thrilled that I can be part of such an amazing team. Both Monster Supplements and PhD Nutrition offer their customers the best products as good prices and with proven results. Age: 22 years old Height: 163cm Occupation: Marketing Coordinator, Hospitality Room Manager and Bikini Fitness Athlete. Achievements: I am currently the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow Junior Bikini Fitness champion (2015) having won back in July. This was my first ever bodybuilding competition, so I am thrilled to be carrying the title. I am also previous Miss Leicester beauty queen (2014/15) having been in the modelling industry for over 3 years. My goals? Work my butt off so that one day, my idols become my rivals.
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