Rugby World Cup - What A Start!

Rugby World Cup gets off to a flying start!

 What a great couple of weeks of rugby we have had, thanks to the World Cup. Japan dug deep to beat the Springboks, England opened with a 35-11 win against Fiji, Georgia won an incredibly close game with Tonga and New Zealand, the defending champions, are consistent with their performances in the hope of retaining their title.

 As far as England are concerned, the battle of Pool A is heating up. Saturday sees them take on Australia in their efforts to still make something of this competition after their devastatingly close loss with Wales at the weekend. The England squad will be training hard this week, hungry to progress to the quarter finals.

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Their training regime and diet will be on point to ensure they are correctly recovered and have optimal energy levels to sustain a very high level of performance against the Wallabies. In the gym, the team will probably be doing a lot of explosive power movements to adapt their strength and power on the field. They will be adding supplements to this regime, which will follow the lines of an all-in-one protein powder, such as PhD Synergy-ISO-7. This will give the athletes the protein for muscle recovery, creatine for the ATP system and BCAAs to aid in the transportation of nutrients and protein synthesis. Other supplements that the team will use will include an intra-workout BCAA drink. This will keep their energy levels topped up and ensure they are able to train their hardest and sustain it.


With two more games left in the group stages, England need a win if they hope to progress, as Wales and Australia have both won two from two. Let's get behind the boys and give them our support for this weekend's big game!

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