Top 5 Gym Classes

If you are a member of any of the big commercial gyms, David Lloyd, Virgin Active, Nuffield Health and so on you will most likely of been bombarded with a schedule of classes for their weekly timetable upon signing up. But which ones to choose….?

In this article we give you our top 5 classes we think are paramount, based on the following factors:

  • Fun/enjoyment
  • Benefit to cardiovascular and respiratory system
  • Improvement of body composition
  • Use of dynamic movements/stretches transferable to daily life

Now there are some common generic names for these classes but you are going to find different gyms may have put their own spin on the name, always check the breakdown of the class content. So take note, our top 5 are below:

1 - Bodypump

bodypump Image Source WWW.BUMBLEBEE.COM

An explosive workout using all the major muscle groups. Expect lots of high intensity squats, presses, curls and dips!

2 - KettleBells

kettlebells Image Source WWW.FLEXFITNESSPT.CO.UK

A great dynamic workout to improve strength and stamina. It’s a full body workout!

3 - Core Curcuits


Ideal for those who want to improve core strength and tone up their midsection, with some fantastic transferable benefits to posture.

4 - Spinning Classes


One of the most hardcore CV and lower body workouts you will do. Great improvements in cardiovascular ability and an awesome fat burning workout.

5 - Zumba


Zumba is a Latin-inspired cardio workout that is so fun you don’t even feel like you’re working out.

About the Author

My favourite training techniques and styles include Y3T, FST-7 Principle, DTP, HIT, 5x5 Strength Programs. Over the last 9 years I have submersed myself in a bodybuilding life style, training alongside competitive bodybuilders and fitness athletes to fast track my knowledge. I have made it my goal to try and test the most popular and effective training techniques/programs, diets and supplement stacks to be able to provide solid advice supported up by own personal experience.
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