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It is a widely proven fact that caffeine has a positive impact on sports performance. The correct amount of caffeine has been proven to:

  • Mobilise fat stores and encourage the body to use fat as fuel to improve endurance 
  • Stimulate brain activity to improve focus and concentration
  • Aid the body's absorption of glycogen to speed up muscle recovery

However, it is a little known fact that the amount of caffeine in normal coffee varies wildly - from less than 20mg to over 200mg in a cup! That's why you experience random highs and lows after drinking coffee. Because caffeine is naturally occurring, it varies from crop to crop and existing brands source different beans from all over the world in order to maintain a consistent taste profile, which is prioritised above caffeine content.

TrueStart Performance Coffee was developed by triathletes and is the only coffee in the world to provide consistent, predictable caffeine content through use of sophisticated technology. Each 2g serving (one teaspoon) provides you with a guaranteed 75-115mg caffeine - the optimum range for increased performance. Finally, you can regulate your caffeine intake through coffee consumption!

The coffee itself is of the highest quality available, resulting in a clean, delicious coffee with no additives or chemicals whatsoever. TrueStart uses only 100% hand-picked single-source Colombian Arabica beans to ensure a distinctively strong yet smooth, premium taste.

TrueStart is perfect for use before and after training sessions and competitions, delivering all of the known benefits of caffeine in a predictable and enjoyable way. By consuming caffeine in coffee form, you also gain the benefits of the naturally occurring antioxidants and flavonoids.

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