My Off Season Plan


It is with deep regret that I am writing this article, I would have liked to be giving you guys an update on how my contest prep was going leading on from my 20 weeks out article. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances its left it very impracticable for me to compete in the early part of this year. So, with bodybuilding on the brain and constantly thinking how I can better myself and bring a much better package to the stage in my next outing, I will be using my time wisely and will be gaining some quality muscle. I will also be using this time to do as many family or relationship orientated things with my loved ones because when prep time comes it’s all about me, my training, my diet and my show.

Start as you mean to go on

So having been a good 8 weeks into my prep before I knew I was unable to compete I had lost around 8lbs and was looking in decent shape. This left me in a really good position to start an off season already lean..ish. With time on my side going into a bulking phase I pushed the diet and cardio a little harder for the next 4 weeks to get me to an even better starting point.

The Diet

Having only ever done a low fat pre-contest diet I was excited to change things up and see what I could experiment with for my bulking phase. As you’ll see I added a lot of healthy fats and kept the carbs at a moderate level with the majority being consumed around the workouts. A lot of people over complicate diet in my opinion. Having a decent amount of fats and a moderate amount of carbs gives me a few variables I can work with depending on how I look and what my weight is doing. The protein will stay constant but if I’m not putting any weight on I will start my increasing my carbs. If I start accumulating to much weight in places were fat is easily stored I can reduce some calories from the fats, reduce some carbs or there is an option to add some cardio or extra workouts.

This is what my initial diet looks like

Meal 1

4 whole eggs 1 scoop gold standard whey
1 tbsp. meridian cashew/peanut butter
200ml unsweetened almond milk
Pharma freak greens freak

Meal 2

235g new potatoes or 40g carbs from white rice
175g red meat…mince or steak
Olive oil or mac oil


Meal 3

235g new potatoes or 40g carbs from white rice
175g chicken or turkey
Olive oil or mac oil

Meal 4

70g oats
2 scoops gold standard whey
1 tbsp. meridian cashew/peanut butter

Pre-workout – 5g creatine (Gaspari qualatine), 10g BCAA (CNP pro BCAA burst)
Intra-workout – 5g creatine,10g bcaa, 75g cyclic dextrin (Raginfull), 30g pepto pro

Meal 5

30g carbs from white rice
28 carbs from pancakes
175g 5% mince

Meal 6

3 rice cakes
2 scoops gold standard whey
2 tbsp meridian peanut butter

For some people looking at this, you may think that this not a lot of food for an off season. This is a good starting point for me personally, I have kept the carbs around the same as when I was dieting but added a lot of extra healthy fats to make sure I’m in a calorie surplus.

Current Training Split

Day am Body part (pm)
Monday - Legs
Tuesday 30 Mins LISS cardio Chest / shoulders
Wednesday 30 Mins LISS cardio Back
Thursday 30 Mins LISS cardio Legs (light)
Friday 30 Mins LISS cardio Arms
Saturday 30 Mins LISS cardio Chest / Shoulders (light)
Sunday 30 Mins LISS cardio Back (light)


With my training I will hit every body part with one heavy intense session per week, the other sessions, if you like are optional. If I am trying to bring a body part up or work on some weak areas I will hit that body part again with a higher volume workout. It may say light, but the weights will still be heavy it will just be lighter than the previous session i.e., I have been working a lot on my legs and chest/delts so I have been leaving the extra back session out. This gives me a lot of flexibility with my workout. Sometimes if I’m recovering well I will hit all 7 sessions per week.

I have kept cardio in basically because I like doing it, I feel a lot more alert and energetic throughout the day and it’s defiantly a useful tool to help with staying leanish in the off season.



About the Author

Since the age of 7 when I first stepped foot on a rugby pitch, sport and fitness has been a major part of my life. I went on to play a decent standard of ruby which entailed a lot of different styles of training, on and off the pitch. The importance of fitness was further distilled in me when I joined the Army at the age of 16. The Army’s way of physically training it’s soldiers is very different from civilian PT, you are taught to dig deep and find the courage to never give up no matter how hard the exercise, and you must be seen to be giving 100% effort at all times. I loved the Army’s mentality towards training so I became an Army Physical Training Instructor (PTI). I was fortunate enough to be posted into the gym and my main focus was on preparing soldier’s physically for over sea’s operations. I have lifted weights now for around 8 years, I would say I have been seriously bodybuilding for maybe 2 years. When I left the army and started training at Maxxmuscle gym, home of IFBB Pro Anth Bailes, is when I started bodybuilding. Just talking to the guy makes you want to get on stage and he is defiantly a great ambassador for the sport. The army has always taught me that, to progress you need to have short and long term goals, discipline, and a passion for something. My passion is now the health, fitness and anything associated with them. I love training every single day, I love keeping track of my nutrition every single day, and I love helping people out with less knowledge than myself because I was once in their shoes. After competing in 2014 I became part of the monster supplements team. I consider this a massive privilege to have their backing during my 2015 offseason and further competitions to come.
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