Gym Etiquette 101

Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow!


It’s the middle of the day, you've had your pre-workout, smashed back you’re BCAAs, rocked out to your favourite pre-workout tunes in the car, completely in the zone to plough straight into the gym and destroy some iron. Its back day and you’re starting off with barbell rows. You walk over the squat rack and in complete horror you see someone has left 7 plates either side on the bar. You now have to spend your first 10 minutes putting someone else’s weights back. Total buzz kill!


Its chest day, a weak body part for you so you’re focused, every rep counts, rest times are being counted. You have just finished a gruelling set of heavy incline presses when you get a tap on the shoulder. Another fellow gym goer striving for an optimal physique would like you to spot him on a set of squats. Being the top bloke you are you agree to your iron brother’s request. After around 30 seconds of heavy breathing they finally get on with their set. Without anything that resembled any kind of spotting motion they then stop at 10 reps and thank you for the spot. ARRGGG!

In both scenario’s the person in question absolutely deserved a punch in the face, however fighting in the gym is also massively against gym etiquette. In this article I will cover a few gym etiquette rules so you don’t find yourself indirectly killing peoples gains by being that buzz killing douche bag in the scenario’s above.


  1. no curling in the squat rack Photo Credit: Gym Memes Facebook

    The squat/power rack is called squat and power rack for a reason. It is for doing squats, dead lifts, barbell rows, power cleans and other movements that make you a machine!! IT IS NOT for… biceps curls or any other exercise that the rack is not designed for. EZ bars can hold 100kg + so you have no excuse for needing to use the squat rack.

  2. You’d think this one would be pretty much common sense as it’s a hygiene issue. But there are still people who decide to leave there big sweaty head juice all over machines or benches. DON’T let this be you!! And if you’re using chalk. Well done, but clean it up after.
  3. Respect the headphones. People who have their headphones in might as well have a big DO NOT DESTURB sign plastered above their head. So if you really must talk to someone save it for later.Don’t take up two pieces of equipment when the gym is busy. Taking up two pieces of equipment when the gym is busy is like taking up 2 lanes in rush hour, you just don’t do it. We all love a good super set but if the gym is busy and people are waiting, it’s just not on!
  4. Don’t take up two pieces of equipment when the gym is busy. Taking up two pieces of equipment when the gym is busy is like taking up 2 lanes in rush hour, you just don’t do it. We all love a good super set but if the gym is busy and people are waiting, it’s just not on!
  5. Use deodorant. You should always use deodorant anyway, but especially in the gym. There is nothing worse than sucking in deep breaths between sets, only to have some ones B.O creep up and smack you in the face. Oh and only wear a vest if you know you don’t stink.
  6. Put you carpets down. A lot of people in gyms these days tend to have inflated-lat syndrome. People don’t care how big you are, and if you think people are looking at you in ore of your inflated chest and shoulders, you’re wrong. They will be thinking more along the lines of “look at that tool”. So instead of using extra calories walking around with your complete upper half in iso-tension, relax and save your energy for your workout.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for a spot, everyone is there to better themselves so just ask.
  8. If your asked to spot someone you’re there as a precaution, only if they there physically incapable of completing a rep should you give them a little assistance. Your job as a spotter is not to interfere with the set doing reps for them whilst screaming “it’s all you”.
  9. Do not offer any coaching or advice unless someone specifically asks you first. Every gym has a Mr know it all, the guy who critiques everyone and tell them how it should be done. Often this guy is not in the best of shape himself. Unless you’re Dorian Yates… then do not offer any advice to strangers. Unless you’re genuinely concerned for someone’s safety and you actually know what you’re doing yourself.
  10. Guys texting in the gym Photo Credit: Make A Meme+

    Sitting texting your mother telling her what you want for tea whilst on a machine is not acceptable on all kinds of levels, even if it is how many grams or chicken and rice you want. Imagine if the biggest guy in the gym walked over to his favourite chest press machine, already flapping because it’s been 10 seconds since he finished his 180lbs dumbbell presses and he thinks he’s losing his pump, to find you sitting there on your phone. It’s not going to be pretty.

Follow these 10 pretty simple rules. Stay focused on your goals, have a productive workout then go home and grow.



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Since the age of 7 when I first stepped foot on a rugby pitch, sport and fitness has been a major part of my life. I went on to play a decent standard of ruby which entailed a lot of different styles of training, on and off the pitch. The importance of fitness was further distilled in me when I joined the Army at the age of 16. The Army’s way of physically training it’s soldiers is very different from civilian PT, you are taught to dig deep and find the courage to never give up no matter how hard the exercise, and you must be seen to be giving 100% effort at all times. I loved the Army’s mentality towards training so I became an Army Physical Training Instructor (PTI). I was fortunate enough to be posted into the gym and my main focus was on preparing soldier’s physically for over sea’s operations. I have lifted weights now for around 8 years, I would say I have been seriously bodybuilding for maybe 2 years. When I left the army and started training at Maxxmuscle gym, home of IFBB Pro Anth Bailes, is when I started bodybuilding. Just talking to the guy makes you want to get on stage and he is defiantly a great ambassador for the sport. The army has always taught me that, to progress you need to have short and long term goals, discipline, and a passion for something. My passion is now the health, fitness and anything associated with them. I love training every single day, I love keeping track of my nutrition every single day, and I love helping people out with less knowledge than myself because I was once in their shoes. After competing in 2014 I became part of the monster supplements team. I consider this a massive privilege to have their backing during my 2015 offseason and further competitions to come.
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