Jamie Do Rego's Leg Routine!

When it comes to training nutrition is very important, you want your body in an anabolic state this means a state of growth!

It’s helpful if we use supplements that can help force more blood into the working muscle (for nutrient absorption) as well as ensure the muscle is protected.

Same goes for post workout, after all that stress caused on not only the muscle and the body our bodies are very catabolic so it’s vital we replace lost glycogen and start the recovery process as soon as possible!


My current pre workout, Intra workout and post workout stack looks like this:


Pre Workout

2 Scoops Muscletech amino build

2 scoops Shatter SX-7


Intra Workout

2 scoops Muscletech Amino Build


Post Workout

2 scoops ISO Zero Carb

2 scoops Celltech


This stack has everything I need to ensure my muscle is protected and ensure my recovery process is optimal! Below is my full leg work out from the other day! Be sure to give it a try and force those legs to grow!

Seated hamstring curls - explosive reps, 30 reps in total, I actually progressively upped the weight every set until I could no longer hit 30 reps, 5 sets in total.

Single leg standing hamstring curl – this movement allow you to focus on each individual hamstring which is important as we always compensate when doing double leg movements, so on these I did 20-30 reps with a 2 sec contraction at the top, 4 sets in total.

Heavy front squats – this exercise takes pressure off my back and place crazy amounts of stress on my quads so I actually prefer them to back squats, on these I did sets of 10/10/10/8/6 rep progressing the weight each set. Focus on a slow negative phase and a 1 second pause at the bottom of the rep then drive through your heels, no lock out with constant tension! My last set was a triple drop, reduce weight by 30% try aim for another 8-10 then drop again by 50% and aim for as many reps as possible.

Hack squat facing the machine - feet close grip, hips and feet angled in, on these again I did constant tension meaning no lock out. Focus on slow negative movement of 3-4 sec with a 2 second pause at the bottom the drive up through the heels; on this I did 20-25 reps 4 sets in total.

Straight leg deadlifts - I throw these on to one hit hamstrings again but two give my quads a little rest, so nothing fancy here, constant tension coming slightly above the knee 20 reps, 4 sets in total.

Leg extension - 4 sets of no numbers, I simply just picked a weight that wasn’t stupidly heavy and focused on my contraction with a 3 second negative phase. The key here was making sure my knee was in alignment and my quads engaged throughout the movement, each set I progressed weight with my last set being a triple drop.

Narrow stance leg press - to finish off I hit 30 reps hips and feet angled in 4 sets in total, I just pumped them out until I couldn't so anymore! Then supersetted them into walking lunges aiming for 30-40 reps!





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