Zanna van Dijk Interview!

At the Monster Supplements stores we love to have promotional days where athletes, physique competitors  & fitness enthusiasts from brands such as Optimum Nutrition come down and share their knowledge & stories all whilst having fun.

On the 26th of July,  we had 4 of Team Optimum’s athletes visit us at the Monster Supplements superstore in Hull.

In the second interview from the event we have Zanna van Dijk!

Zanna has developed a huge following on Instagram, where she shows you how to make delicious protein based recipes & fitness related tips ( - she also brought some protein treats into the shop and they got our seal of approval!

Check out the video below to find out more about Zanna and her story as Luke Thornton asks her a few questions in the Monster Supplements store in Hull.




About the Author

After graduating university I pursued my passion in the health & fitness industry to help others cut their learning time by sharing my knowledge and experience to bring others up to speed. My scientific background has greatly assisted in my ability to assess the current literature and get straight to the cutting edge strategies that help me and others achieve their goals sooner rather than later. To help round out my experience I competed in a tested fitness show to put my knowledge (and discipline) to the test, I achieved my best conditioning ever, gained certain insights and a huge amount of experience that only a competition can teach you. I’ll be competing again in the near future once I’ve added some more size and achieved certain goals in other areas of life. Expertise: Ingredients, Current Scientific Literature, Goal Setting, Lifestyle Management & Organisation
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