Get LEAN with Leptin

There is quite a lot going on behind the scenes when it comes to fat loss. Not just what you can see as far as training more frequently and eating lower calories from different sources. Hormone levels for one play a huge role in this process. Master optimising these and not only will dropping body fat happen faster, but it will also aid with levels of satiety.

So let’s talk LEPTIN!

Leptin is a protein based hormone which aims to maintain homeostasis as far as a healthy body fat percentage. Leptin levels move not only in relation to an individual’s body fat percentage but in line with carbohydrate consumption to induce weigh loss or gain. High Leptin levels are associated with high carbohydrate consumption leading to high glucose conversion. This is basically the body telling itself no more fuel is needed. When an excess of glucose is detected Leptin levels rise and stimulate the release of a-MSH (appetite suppressant).

It also counteracts both Neuropeptide Y and Anandamide (which has an effect on energy storage as fat and feeding behavior). This happens efficiently when you are Leptin sensitive. Over prolonged time, if Leptin levels are kept high, receptor resistance develops and excess fat storage occurs. In a nut shell your body becomes desensitised to its own signal that no more carbohydrate is needed.
Now how do we keep this mechanism and hormone in check.......?
One of the most important issues is sleep. During sleep secretion of this and other hormones peak. If you do not get sufficient deep sleep this is going to disrupt the balance. It is also important to structure your eating habits and eat from the correct food groups.

Stay away for bad fats and fast acting carbohydrate, especially in the evening. If you are looking for supplemental help then below are some key natural substances you can turn to:
• Melatonin
• Carnitine
• Omega-3 fatty acids

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My favourite training techniques and styles include Y3T, FST-7 Principle, DTP, HIT, 5x5 Strength Programs. Over the last 9 years I have submersed myself in a bodybuilding life style, training alongside competitive bodybuilders and fitness athletes to fast track my knowledge. I have made it my goal to try and test the most popular and effective training techniques/programs, diets and supplement stacks to be able to provide solid advice supported up by own personal experience.
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