Rebecca Maughan Interviews Lauren Ashwell Fitness Guru Rebecca Maughan interviews Gaspari athlete and IFBB Bikini competitor Lauren Ashwell:

How and when did you start training?

I have been going to the gym since I was 18 however I used to attend the cardio based classes and go running rather than hit the weights. I changed my training and diet with the aim of competing after watching the UKBFF British finals in 2011; I hadn't seen the bikini class before with it being the first year running in the UK with the UKBFF. I loved the look of the girls in this class and set myself the challenge to compete the following year.

Typical training week

I regularly mix my training up to keep it fresh. My current training week currently looks like this:

Day 1 – Glutes and hams
Day 2 – Upper body
Day 3 – Calves and core
Day 4 – Quads
Day 5 – Upper body

How much and what types of cardio do you do

I do fasted cardio x5 a week for half hour, the closer to my shows I get increase the time. I tend to use the treadmill for uphill walking, the stationary bike or cross trainer. I may have to invest in a Jacobs’s ladder……those things look brutal in a good way 

In The Fridge

My fridge is full of Tupperware boxes with my meals prepped. I food shop and prep my meals for four days in advance. I have apples and chopped pineapples for snacks that are also in my fridge.

Favourite Healthy Food

I’m currently hooked on butternut squash, I find as its quite sweet it curbs my sweet tooth as well as it being quite filling. I tend to roast this with a little coconut oil and fresh chillies, it’s delicious.

Favourite Cheat Food

Anyone who knows me well will know I do love cereal, both granola and kids cereal. I have a thing for banana and honey on toast.

Favourite Bikini Athletes, Fitness Models

Ava Cowen and Jamie Easton’s physiques were the girls I remember first seeing in my fitness magazines and who I had pinned up in my cupboards to stay on track and focussed. I love Ana Delia de Iturrondo’s look also.

Lauren Ashwell
Lauren Ashwell

Best Body Part

My shoulders are my favourite body part, I enjoy training these.

Number 1 Philosophy

To stop comparing ourselves to others and concentrate on being the best version of you. I used to be guilty of constantly looking at others and working myself up before a show. I now compete with myself, as long as I can step on stage knowing I have given it my all anything from then on is a bonus.

3 Tips For Women

1. Keep a log of diet and training, that way you can monitor your progress and make adjustments from there.

2. Hit the weight area in the gym for a tight sculpted body, with curves in the right places.

3. Stay consistent, changes take time.

2014 Competing Plans

I plan on competing in quite a few shows in 2014 I’m working hard to bring a better package. My first show of 2014 will be the UKBFF UK Nationals in April followed by the IFBB Summer invitational show in July.

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Female Fitness Guru at and competitor with NABBA and PhD Fitness.
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