TRANSFORMATION – Never seen before!

Common transformation mistakes
(I am guilty of these too!)

How my nutrition changed when I decided to step on stage; Going into any competition you need to understand the criteria for the class.

Before I started competing, I'll admit I was very cautious about carbs, they were virtually none existent! I only realised this when I put pen to paper and wrote down the exact foods I was consuming.

This is where I found that I was on an extremely high protein diet with some good fats in there too.

I believe this was the turning point for me to really add some lean muscle gains to my weakest body parts, by reassessing my diet and ensuring I wasn't running solely off protein for energy but incorporating some good quality carbohydrates, to give me the nutrients I needed to perform well in the gym and help gain muscle specifically to my legs & glutes.

With plenty of carbs, protein & healthy fats in my diet I was on the right track.

A PhD Product that I use for post work out is the Waxy Vol this is a great quality source of complex carbs and I am now using this alongside PhD Pharma Pure whey protein isolate.

Top Tip
Always reassess what you are doing, like I did by writing down what you are eating, competing or not. Try to look at the bigger picture and address problem areas. Work on your weaknesses and go from there, be consistent with your training and your food plan and you can see the results you set out to achieve.

Rebecca Maughan Transformation

(8 weeks apart)

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