Leg Workout for Competition Mode

For those competing in the world of body building and exercise, creating the complete physique is vitally important. Many amature competitors neglect to exercise and improve the complete range of muscles that they have to offer.

One of the big areas of improvement for most bodybuilding competitors is their legs. Usually neglected and rarely pushed as competitors focus on arms, chest or improving their abs.

Our Monster Supplements Guru Rebecca Maughan provides a complete leg workout for those who are looking to compete at both amature and professional competition level:


starting at 06:30-07:10am

I do vary my cardio to continuously shock my body and follow this through with my exercises, rep ranges & sets but here is an example:

Stair master 20mins level 10
Spin bike 20mins increasing resistance.

NOTE: Always spend 10 minutes warming up on the cross trainer to prevent injury!

Thigh extensions
4 sets x 20 reps

Feet positioned forward, turned in & out.
Weight would be 25kg increasing each set.
Last set I would do a drop set continuously with no rest, working my way back up so 40kg - 20reps, 35kg -  20reps....and so on. (I use this technique on various exercises)

4 sets x 18-20reps or 10-12reps (heavier sessions) I vary this.

First set (bar 20kg) plus 10kg each side 40kg in total, adding 5kg a side.. Heaviest I go is 85kg for 8-10reps.

I like to really mix it up, sometimes I do GVT (German volume training) 10sets x 10reps with the same weights throughout and keeping a wide stance to hit the glutes.

Leg press
4 sets x 18-20reps or 10-12reps (heavier sessions) start off with 25kg a side -50kg, adding 25kg each set 100kg, 150kg then drop set on fourth set.

I will superset leg press & Hack squat
to keep the intensity of my workout high.

Hack squat
4 sets x 20reps

Go as low as possible to target glutes
10kg, 5 each side to warm up, adding 5kg each set but no more than 40kg by set 4.
Sometimes add in a drop set on final set as this really kills off the legs.

Weight anywhere between 12kg-20kg Dumbbells / Kettlebells
Wide stride x 20 4sets

I aim to do this in 1hr 20 mins max to keep the intensity high so I get through it as quickly as possible.

Cardio Post Workout
Stair master
Start off level 8 spend 20mins

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Female Fitness Guru at MonsterSupplements.com and competitor with NABBA and PhD Fitness.
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