Interesting Facts with Rebecca Maughan

Monster Supplements health and fitness guru Rebecca Maughan is a recognised female bodybuilder, who competes across the UK at prestigious physique and body building competitions.

Rebecca was the winner of the NABBA Britain Toned Figure 2013 event and continues to offer advice and guidance to our Monster Supplements customers.

About Rebecca Maughan

  • I have only been training 2 years
  • In my first year of competing I won the NABBA Britain toned figure competition 2013
  • My favourite body part to train would be my Glutes.
  • My favourite healthy meal is Salmon Fillet, sweet potato & veg
  • My favourite meal on a ‘cheat’ meal would have to be a mixture of smoked mackerel, smoked salmon & hummus.
  • If I could choose one protein source from whole foods it would be Piedmontese beef strips from the fresh food guru Andrew Gordan. This is leaner than chicken!

Rebecca’s Training Split

  • Day 1 Quads & Glutes
  • Day 2 Hamstrings & Calves
  • Day 3 Glutes & Triceps
  • Day 4 Upperbody
  • Day 5 Rest

The Supplement List

  • PhD Pharma Whey HT+ (I use this with meal 1 and pre workout meal)
  • PhD BCAA
  • 5 Caps Pre and post workout
  • PhD Recovery 2:1 Post work out with added 5g of:
  • PhD L Glutamine
  • PhD Nutrition Micronized Creatine
  • PhD Pharma Blend 6hr (I use 2 scoops before bed)

About the Author

Female Fitness Guru at and competitor with NABBA and PhD Fitness.
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