Making ''Like For Like'' Changes - How!?

We see the same old thing time and time again in this industry – the same 6 meals being eaten for months on end with no end in sight. That’s potentially bad for your gut health as we are prone to developing intolerances to the same foods day in day out. It isn’t going to make us happy bunnies and it won’t actually be maximising progress based on the fact we need periodisation (planned progression) in our diet as well as our training.

With that said we are going to run through a very easy to follow ‘’like for like’’ list of foods we can chop in and out for one another. In doing so we should afford ourselves more flexibility immediately.

Lean Proteins

There are times where we want protein yet we don’t want fat present. With that said we should opt for the following –

White fish
Chicken breast
Turkey breast
Whey protein
Egg whites

Fatty Proteins

There are times where we want protein and we also want fat present. With that said we should opt for the following –

Lean beef
Whole eggs
Chicken thigh (occasionally)
Bacon (occasionally)
Butcher quality sausages (100% meat – occasionally)


There are times where we require carbohydrates to provide relatively quick energy. With that said we should opt for the following –

Sweet potato
Oats (soak for 12-24 hours in water to reduce phytic acid content!)
Brown basmati rice
White potato
Rice cakes (flavoured is fine)


If we need to add fat content to a meal then we need to have various options on hand. Choose any of the following for the best sources of fat.

Extra virgin olive oil (don't cook with this, opt for butter or coconut oil!)
Coconut oil
Real organic grass fed butter

Almond butter
Macadamia oil
Fish oil

Simply by having a short list of alternatives you can make your ‘’diet’’ into a lifestyle choice. These are foods I would recommend you build the majority of your diet around. Of course, you have free reign on green leafy veg and salads. Ideally you will include these with every meal to boost fibre and micronutrient intake.

Enjoy the lifestyle!

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